Even Satan has prepared for the last day. He has prepared the scarlet beast system as the "eighth of the seven" which, if he were to defeat the cross of Christ, would reset the kingdom count and itself become the seventh final kingdom of the New Testament era after the Holy Roman Empire, Imperial Spain, Britain, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and the New World Order based on the USA. Clearly, in hell itself and after the judgement this may continue to be found the case.

However, Satan has no reason to instantiate the image system beyond forming an insult and his final salvo is for global approval of that ultimate end of his damnation also flung in God's face before He arrives to justly damn Satan and justly judge the world.

Satan, requires to pull the "pig from the poke" and declare mankind's eternal damnation as to be celebrated as a gift of eternal life given only by himself, and God's own judgement on it an act of vengeance and moral corruption. That gift is one of providing a cellular or gene-level medical procedure to eradicate all genetic errors, change age, race or gender, cure cancer, live forever etc.

Yet this would make man "as gods" in rewriting their own DNA, and would corrupt the "precariously balanced" (as already at the final precipice) rather than the "last remaining untouched" gene-pool as instantiated by God forever. (In fact it is unnecessary if Christ truly makes everything new and death is defeated for all.) God's own return would eradicate the need for these interventions of science for all and for all time, not only for the saved.

This is, if found an ethically acceptable procedure (quite realistically and especially so by current standards) also Satan's intent with the one intended side effect of corrupting the whole human gene pool irreparably and by it finally destroying mankind as the creation of God. Mankind will supposedly become the property of the "god of this world" (even unknowingly) for the purposes of a universal and eternal insult made to God, the final repayment in kind for Satan's swiftly oncoming and certain damnation. I may instead find to the contrary if it as a medical procedure is done perfectly or "very well", with a 100% successful outcome. The chance of this being perfected early on, I expect, is dangerously slim.

Scientifically, if there is truly no genetic difference compared to the true human genome afterward there is never a fault, but there will always be a conflict in DNA; it will not be as intended. In a perfect case with no genetic faults found after, I can find no ethical or moral reason to declare such a procedure damning or evil outside of my own religion (as I have scripture against it). Whilst Romans tells me early on not to judge others (as I myself have also used the dialectic), I would then also not cast the first stone as without sin. Yet to "change the natural use into that which is against nature" is certainly a sin, and the scripture's intent cannot be broken.

As these alterations are genetic and most likely not externally observable - there is no sense in expecting anyone to forever avoid meeting these alterations or of combating their interactions with them; they are still - as changes themselves - made upon very "real people". There is no answer to be found in any violent reaction or oppressively overwhelming any objections in the recoiling aftermath of the revelation of their presence.

Murder is just that in the eyes of God, and it is always wrong; there is no ethical conundrum in declaring any such violence against the "altered" to be a sure "crime against humanity" because of the presence of these "new" human beings, altered or not yet so. Perceiving them as an enemy is ridiculous - without a law of God (the creator of all) limiting life and fertility over all, only the human race is ultimately responsible for their (the altered) redemption and care and livelihood (most obviously so if we botch the job); every fault we perceived as sinners in the seemingly harsh nature of our creator's curse of death upon all sin should only remind us that we have in violence passed it over to become a curse made upon them also, and we as a race have no right to try to extend the consequences of our own immoral violence to them in a world which should be for them completely without an unnatural death (by the same ideals that created them), for any that are fortunate enough to remain healthy despite the real place of death in nature. If they are unable to breed, we have no right to deprive them of life. If they have only a finite life as in one to four generations, we have no right to deprive them of breeding if they are wholly capable of doing so without any "sin" against the creator God that created the gene-pool. I.e. It is a "sin" to pollute it.

The answer? If they both freely and finitely live and breed as equal to any of us, as found operating in the "name" of God within the logical schema of the octal, they will then both live and naturally die by the logic of the "keys of Hell and Death", the intent of the creator is present over them also if they age and procreate. We simply have the right, as He, to withdraw our future interventions for the common good (and for the presence of their - the altered - sins against God as in the Mosaic law, not one of our own making but only one of Jesus Christ's fulfillment) over a reasonable and natural lifespan. This, our remaining inactive over the middle of any such disjunction (of the requirement to ensure ongoing eternal life or else 100% safe and natural procreation) should be our God-given freedom as simply as it is also the freedom of divine virtue - then it is far better to never do the work at all. It is also true by the same virtue to protect the lives of those not altered as well as their children's posterity also. As these require no genetic alteration by inactivity, I make a disjunction:

r = ensure the genetically altered eternal life
s = ensure the genetically altered only 100% safe procreation with respect to all life
u-1 = ensure no genetic alteration kills those unaltered
v-1 = ensure no genetic alteration pollutes the gene pool of those unaltered.

Then with the keys of hell and death I have:
(r&s)-1 = withdraw genetic modifications or interventions to ensure no genetic alteration kills those unaltered or pollutes their gene pool.
u&v = every stray genetic alteration must effectively be considered equal to illegally "killing" the unaltered and by also polluting their gene-pool; such must be forever and for all posterity separated to the set of "altered".

And I would state that u&v, is effectively an act of murder in itself. The virtue p to decide these disjunctions must be perfect, absolute and completely consistent in every possible case. I would only trust this to the creator God and not mankind. The acting virtue p&r&s with the overflow of the "altered" gene-pool is one of triage and catastrophe. Virtue would minimise u&v and maximise (r&s)-1 by enforcing no genetic alterations to ever be made upon anyone at all. Every modification must be withheld; I would permit no such alterations on the grounds of my religion on the basis they are ungodly and an "evil" unless done so perfectly by an also perfectly consistent God.

Then for God in the resurrection I instead find:

1Co 15:52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. (KJV)

(This, a maximised and instantaneous perfected p&r&s over all the judged with the instantaneous and perfect completion of all u&v is provided by Jesus Christ on the last day anyway, and perfectly so, for He is God our creator. I also find p&(u&v)-1 and (r&s)-1 to be forever ongoing and no subsequent alterations are ever required after Jesus Christ's judgement of all, He makes everything new.)

Since the remaining disjunctions in the octal not of virtue in p are:



To maximise (r&s)-1 and minimise u&v is equal to limiting the extant choice as solely within one side of the disjunction or the other: there is no mixing the two sides in any disjunction of virtue in that case. It is found to "perfectly give eternal life or prevent all genetic 'murder'" or else it is freely decided to "perfectly ensure all genetic safety or else never pollute the gene pool." Then (r&s)-1 actually decides the disjunction outright as one or the other. In fact, it only permits 100% perfection by permanently withdrawing all imperfect interventions in "r" and "s". No unaltered must ever be altered imperfectly.

Then, by withdrawing any interventions in (r&s)-1 modelled on God's virtue we are no longer under any responsibility to prolong their lives eternally or to ensure any rights for unending procreation and multiplication because it multiplies only guilt. They also exist under the will of the creator's original intent and by the same law and curse surely live under Him also. We, are not becoming as our own creator but are only subject to His curse in all our works. They, as our work, are still subject to His judgements, past, present and future. We should take sure warning by this to convince us that we are also most certainly subject to His judgement, especially for violence against those we would "protect" ourselves from by claiming they are also subject to that same judgement for the common good. Where is the Lord's sanctuary for them? There is then mercy, not sacrifice.

I guarantee that eternal life, if left to medicine will not be universally provided, it will become far too expensive. (It will only be rationed to the fortunate few, the rest would become servile.) Because of this, I expect it to become an evil, a "work of Satan".

Then if this change is only imperfectly made - which can only be the case if it results in the work of an imperfect mankind only ever found to blunder its way through these genetic procedures - the insult is surely made and God will, as assuredly as in the days of Noah, repent of ever making mankind and a second time over as before. This procedure must be done (perfectly) right first time, every time, if at all. I would prefer to leave it to God alone. That said, who can stop it?

Luk 17:26 And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.
Luk 17:27 They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all. (KJV)

As Satan's last work (or his first globally accepted work to forever genetically corrupt mankind as God's creation), will he not make every effort to get it right? I am only assured by the length of the Revelation that he may well be dead set on it. If this event is also to be publicised and televised the world over as the pinnacle of science and all human accomplishment and it is globally verboten to be unsure of or disapproving of or even religiously horrified at it: the world (we may expect) will accept our tacit approval (or indeed silence) even if the procedure is performed live on air and there is no way at all to stop it - and also, even if the layperson simply accepts it, just ignores it, or tolerates it - and does not really care for lack of seeing any insult to their creator.

Yet any such procedure is ethically acceptable by my estimation of current academic standards, and I expect also that it is also to be found a "right" of the individual in these modern times. There would be no petitioning it to be declared illegal, that would be found against those "rights". Is the world there yet? Why not if not?* It would certainly bring in the irreversible and globally legal corruption of the human genome as well as be the first recognised event in all future history that opens that last box "of Pandora" and invites pandemonium. It would reject the creator God for all eternity and there is no other event that would more surely incite God to bring to bear His wrath upon the world.

*Perhaps Satan desires to lengthen his time to perfect these procedures before his damnation.

But if that change is perfectly made it is only confirmed with the full ability of the patient to procreate; the gene pool would only be "successfully" corrupted in the eyes of God if any offspring survived to then corrupt it. How then could there ever be an open fault found in their DNA in that case unless it was entirely unsuccessful at reproducing and merged in the gene pool as only a corruption that would early on reveal itself in some sure distress? How many "generations" of the like indicate a success anyway? If there are severe faults present (and then a clear "sin") then it should rapidly extinguish itself in a few generations and it is then also possibly shown that we are also "fearfully and wonderfully made". Selection is just as much a tool of God's intent also. (Yet there will be many cases I am sure, following on any apparent success.) The problem is as ever, a far more subtle one - these alterations will be irreversible and also cumulative over many generations; forcing all the genome to accumulate multiple errors over time.

Even in hell, Satan wants everyone's children made in his image; the last day may end with the damned judged forever as unable to procreate for their own lives sakes.

Is this, then, the apotheosis of mankind or one only serving Satan? I can imagine mankind doing far better on his own and also conquering the stars after; is this the best effort of mankind to be expected before they likewise bring the final end on themselves after their judgement? (Their second chance given by Christ to and for all as lost all over again.) If it surely terminates with Satan's utter damnation I daresay there was once the chance of this and better. For Satan, he would forever corrupt all flesh for an insult only, with no care for the final results as long as they last in finality. (I find this no "pinnacle" of mankind, only the last gasp of universal damnation for us all in Satan's faulty mind; that universal damnation is his final apotheosis: mankind remade in Satan's own corrupt image, himself damned as that quite separate image of the scarlet beast system, the "Son of perdition" of "MYSTERY BABYLON" that is Satan's inheritance. Satan, would claim to overcome the judgement of God.)

Is the world Satan's own for this genetic alteration? The answer is "No". Are we his property for accepting this as a sign of the times? Also, the answer is "No". In fact, we may very well look forward to the swift return of Jesus Christ (to judge) if this operation is a rushed or imperfect job, because Satan has no option but that final work to catch the rest of the world in the corruption God Himself would damn Satan for as just recompense.

The "apotheosis" must be reached at the time of the very end with the arrival of God and for the resurrection to be claimed an illegal intervention because man has simply "become". That man has for himself instantiated the gene-pool by redefining it will be annulled and the nature fully restored; yet Satan is dead set on making that transition to serve only himself. For Satan has promised all mankind as from Eve that they will be "as gods" and he is a deceiver that most follow after.

Satan would, on claiming to have defeated the cross, desire to alter mankind beyond all recognition and universally damn God as never to be again found as the "creator" and with His sovereignty also beaten in the case of the least in His kingdom. This is simply not the case; Jesus Christ will make everything new (as intended) man included, damned or saved. Satan, will never inherit the Earth.

The human race, as altered on a genetic scale is merely to be found as just another sign of the times, the intent to destroy the human race in the eyes of God (and all posterity) is the real "sin" and as this is not supposedly the intent of science or patient (both would prefer and seek a perfect procedure), I can only ascribe it to serving the purposes of the "god of this world" instead. If it were ever done perfectly I would not complain for the patient's sake - ever a true human being. (Would God leave this "cure" as a gift to science after His judgement?)

I.e. If, for example, it is already presently too difficult to medically transplant ovaries, a womb, genitals and breasts to a man already on both hormone treatments as well as drugs preventing the rejection of those already healthy organs to be transplanted (and also rewire the brain to control every natural cycle and function of those same organs), why would anyone accept an imperfectly made genetic rewrite of their whole being to be a safer option? (To cure cancer I could understand the acceptable risk, but "first do no harm" by "infecting" with a sure cancer.) It is truly a medical lunacy and any such patient could so easily and tragically die (and ruin the intended apotheosis for Satan rather than unbelieving mankind who most certainly will eventually progress to their judgement and inherit eternal life from Christ in a damnation without classical torments). If this ever happens, we may still be assured that the "switch is flicked" and the insult has been made regardless of any chance of it being successful. Either way God is not to be mocked.

Satan would require the world to globally throw in their lot with this rewrite of the genome, his intent a perceived pollution of creation on the genetic scale (that if it is 100% successful is not ever a pollution) that may never be repented of, and which is already too commonplace in the Earth. This, may well be God's final line in the sand and we should, very reticently, watch for mankind to cross it. Yet this is no "horn" on the false prophet or first or scarlet beast(s) that may not be deprecated; it is not the inheritance of the ungodly and of the "damned".

Mat 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. (KJV)

We should never approve of rewriting the human genome, we should never accept it as science and we should never approve of it in our religion. Yet in truth there is nothing sacred to the medical sciences in genetic manipulation. They simply will not see the hand of the creator until it is far too late. It is far too difficult to convince them why, when they only see it as a random natural process upon which they may only improve.

One possible intent of Satan is to destroy all sense of the family unit; every child able to be born will supposedly be but a chimera of the possibly multiple sexes rather than the evolved product of tried and tested selection, or if you hear it, one found only of divine creation. That is if they are found genetically faulty in the first place. If they survive and have no unhealthy mutations after a few generations, there may be no "sin" against an unaltered gene pool (always 100% compatible with God's own creation) found in such a procedure at all. Perhaps Satan's last work does him no service, and God is already far wiser than he. But, compared to placing faith in God, do you require more faith than that to believe this true balance of 100% compatibility is already and only ever the case? Would you only be lying to yourself in all truth?

The world is already progressing to and swiftly beyond that point; it is there but for the final televised or otherwise botched event. Expect Christ to return ready to judge, for He states that He comes swiftly.

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