The Abomination That Makes Desolate

In Matt 24, Jesus warns the church of the "abomination that makes desolate" standing in the holy place where it ought not. He states this was spoken of by the prophet Daniel. I would, then, clear things up in that it was the same device of Satan spoken of by Daniel in the prophecy of the kings of the north and south, but not applied as Daniel wrote of it, it appearing a work of Judea rather than of any adversary.

Yet the device was used to desolate the temple in its inner sanctuary (the holy place). The only instance of this happening is in the reign of Antiochus IV, surnamed "epiphanes".

The device of the devil this concerns is named "wormwood". To understand this in simple form, God calls sinners to repent, and Satan leads them in the way of temptation.

God, would state to the sinner, "If you don't like the consequences of your actions, change your choices." Satan, in respect tempts with "if you don't like your choices, switch the consequences over".

There is a good reason why the book of Maccabees is not in the scriptural canon. God, had commanded by Moses that:

Exo 25:8 And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them.
Exo 25:9 According to all that I shew thee, after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof, even so shall ye make it. (KJV)

There was no alternate description or fallback for these articles of operating God's covenant and no interim list was ever given or permission for such granted. Then whilst there was the Maccabean resistance to Antiochus, the light that remained in the otherwise desolated temple's inner sanctuary was not according to the fashion God had described. It was a compromise and the articles are "new" additions. Whilst the entire land was also compromised in revolt, that light supposedly shone and continued to do so and shines on today continuing in the festivals and in the lampstands used to mark them.

Like the solar festivals and use of Christian "christmas trees" these festivals and their articles are not according to the fashion described and are yet a compromise and an addition to the feasts ordained by God. The jews are simply given the choice in that "light" to either lose the one God to Satan's machinations if the light goes out, or to keep that light and in desolation worship God but retain the "god of this world" instead (the consequences are reversed). That pale and lasting light in the eyes of an early Christian is found only to be that of the adversary, Satan: for Satan had indeed "snaked them". This, an act far too bold (even for Satan in his subtlety) which would show himself outed as the tempter so clearly, exposing his method, itself brought a second backlash.

Yet there is no such logical effect; Judea never so worshiped Satan, and God never gifted him His temple or ceased to show His favour in that day. A mere lamp has no power over God. (In replacing God's Spirit and profaning the temple sanctuary of "strength" for a counterfeit, no such device is ever found or ever claimed stronger than God.)

The wormwood device had then found its place in the sanctuary not where Daniel had described but "where it ought not". As an act made of and for Judea rather than Antiochus. When the fledgling church realised this and in knowing Satan's devices (as they are without effect as always a non-sequitur); Satan moved to destroy their place in Judea. The result was that no more would they have a country of God for a forum to continue to minister; they would be scattered amongst the nations and all government would turn on them in trial. Then, begins "great tribulation" when government becomes the antagonist and the freedom to openly preach the gospel is lacking.

I would state that no Jew alive today or then revolting against rule under Antiochus worships Satan in any such manner as Antiochus had forced them to place, and no doubt it would find his own sickening delight. The temple is gone, pulled down, not one stone left upon another. The Jews, for lack of any temple do themselves great credit by retaining their faith in conditions of great adversity, though it not be Christian (and they do not need it to be by choice). As a Christian I believe there is only one path to God; and the temple is not there and God does not live in temples made with hands. God is Spirit and can not be removed from existence because of a mere insult of Satan.

Jesus Christ worshiped, taught, prayed and ministered in the temple without any issue, no such device of Satan carries weight in the kingdom of God: God, is the far stronger, and Daniel's prophecy of the seventy weeks certainly concludes in the Christ with Israel having adequately restored all things but that which was the Christ's own work: the vision was completed, all prophecy sealed up and transgressions put to an end. God had merely winked at Satan. If this device surely does Satan damage and not God, best it be known that the Jews have overcome it to their own satisfaction (and that of the one God) already, the church indeed has not.

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