As By Christ

Ok, so, where should I start? The obvious answer is that the ultrafilter is made principal in "rest", that in every exercise of virtue there is the action of liberty to rest on a completed act.

Yet there is also the "zero" the right hand of God that completes the "manifold of virtue" (see the book "Seven Eyes Open" (Fourth Edition)).

2Co 12:9 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. (KJV)

God's strength, as "made perfect in weakness", rests on grace (and then virtue); yet if grace is sufficient, then extra works are not required - it is the case that the gifts of God are a perfectly distributed minimum, in that God is not overbearing or slack in promise - instead He Himself must later rest on His works, else they are shown insufficient!

Then a simple disjunction of r0 ∨ s0 is incomplete; and God's strength (His Spirit) instead moves (and rests) on His completed works, so I may split the disjunction into the sets r&u-1 ∨ s&v-1 instead. Then this disjunction will always fail in privation without virtue; and then I have the solution of the right side, say, in p&(r&u-1)-1=>s&v-1. Then as those are the sets extant, I can also find in Christ the "keys of hell and death" of (r&s)-1 and u&v also, which act as virtue in the octal group also.

That weakness of virtue, not only entails the necessary positivity of all seven sets in every disjunction; but assures that every disjunction (God's strength) is freely decidable, no choice leaves the principal elements exeunt the disjunction in privation; unless there also be modal collapse and the disjunction decided by the "right hand" instead! (Once again, see the book.)

Then the completeness (perfection) of God's strength requires the keys of (r&s)-1 and u&v, in that the octal is incomplete without them, for these provide God (Christ) complete liberty to rest (or act) if a choice is not desirable in either fashion, for (r&s)-1 is to rest instead of acting on either of r or s etc.

Then the K4 form of the filter is the group [0, p, (r&s)-1, u&v] within which Christ's strength (for whom the creation was made) is made perfect in weakness. (The extension of the above "filter" by rest, by the elements u-1 and v-1.)

Yet the K4 form or "manifold of virtue" is completed also with the zero - the principal element in all creation; the Lord's right hand and angel. So, if "l" is this very least, then every disjunction is decided with the members of the Trinity in principal elements er etc., as properly made complete by l&er instead! Disjunctions are then made freely decidable by the least (God's servant) exiting the dijunction one side only, for in virtue there is the disjunction of: ex∨ l&ex-1&ey => l&ez which exits the right side as l&ex&ey => l&ez only. That servant in "l" then acts as virtue and is always absorbed as zero into the principal elements of the Trinity.

It is also the case that it acts as zero, exiting the disjunction ex∨ l&ex-1 on the right side by l&ex instead.

And the K4 group (Christ's person made complete and perfected) is then constructed in the manifold of virtue whole.

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