Assumes Facts Not In Evidence

How will Satan defeat the kingdom of God? My book states that the attempt is made by deceiving the least in the kingdom of God. (By accusing the least - positing all manner of faults against Christ's angel - His right hand. Satan is grudgingly given the means to deceive but not the ends of it.)

If Satan can interrupt the seven cycle of the angel, then He would raise a composite device of dialectic nullity up to heaven and declare God's sovereignty has failed over all, and not just the least.

Satan, has assumed his kingdom will yet continue undivided, yet has not accounted for it as God Himself would! For, if God's kingdom is also defeated, then the same "dialectic" with which it was set up will not ever stand, and Satan's kingdom is also, therefore, divided.

Aside from that, what other defeat is there? Simply that the least will continue in the gospel, and satan has assumed his interruption falsely.

God already defeated satan, but with regards to the Earth, "can He keep it?" Revelation's answer is most clearly a "YES!".

It would appear that when the angel overcomes there is war in heaven, but over what? If Satan is given no excuse of authority, what is the argument over? Heaven (the covering of the lamb over the sealed elect) is not in question as the gospel stands upright. No, instead the salvation of the least is in question and Satan will "not let his captives go". He, as "pharoah" could not possibly have a harder heart, and the scriptures show exactly what his end shall be.

The least justifies that all the devil's captives are loosed, as the least is "slightly lower" than man, and men and women are all created equal (though not born as such). Has the devil no choice but to war in heaven? It would appear not.

On the other hand, God needs to save the least for the election of grace to be justified, for all are as Holy as any other in Christ, yet one will not substitute for another and justify them unless one is that servant (being Christ). His "least" however, His right hand, should instead be in receipt of all prayer, all charity, all witness and all grace.

Satan has then assumed facts not in evidence, that the least is captive to him when by definition he, the least, is also "the least" in satans kingdom! (As under the cross and its dialectic, it is Satan's final answer from God upon his defeat.)

So, if Satan will not give up the least and all his captives, then Satan, is still subject to God. (There is a middle, and it is "empty" in Jesus' name, as in the K4 group.) Yet in Satans' kingdom the middle is there present: and in God's own kingdom, that "heaven" he covets is that which will never be his enemy's.

The least also overcomes the world, and is "born again".

I admit the following is a "worst case scenario", but every fellowship has a least, as i am sure you have noticed! (There must be one overall and necessarily so by God's intent!)

Now, were the angel Satan's "personal property" or otherwise captive (If Christ's right hand caused Him to sin and is then "cut off" - that the accusation of failure is enough for the angel to be captive as in the place of all saved sinners so accused), how then, can Satan claim the angel is not also present in God's kingdom by virtue of the dialectic of the cross? If he (Satan) so denies it (the cross), then He must deny his own kingdom as also truly divided! He must logically give the angel up as truly loosed from all spiritual captivity and all with him, else there is only the one excuse of there being a middle present between God's kingdom and Satan's own also (as in the cross, yet by finding only contradiction in an empty middle: Satan can only accuse believers under the law of Moses, Satan having no "law" of his own before God.) so, Satan is found to be lying (as the angel is then also certainly saved in Christ), and obviously found to be doing so before all in heaven. Without God's own kingdom Satan has no kingdom. (A point made.)

As for the middle, the cut is made in the set of captives under Satan now saved in Christ. (If Satan has any law of his own, it is also therefore divided, a deception overcome by the least. Any such laws pre-suppose the existence of a kingdom for Satan, a logical fallacy with no captives!) God, is the stronger man!

Act 13:39 And by him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses. (KJV)

So Satan can not deny the power of the cross, and he is logically, a defeated enemy - but the justification of this is the work of Christ writing His new name on His angel, and Satan no doubt (whatever the reason) hates this thing (as good).

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