Self-Propelled Into Perdition

The "dreadful and terrible" beast of the book of Daniel and the same "diverse fourth beast" of the Revelation as it transitions from British colony through global super-power and from worldly saviour in wartime through to the "new world order" itself, has maintained a moral high ground which has never been equalled in all human history. No other country has instituted greater freedom that the United States, and though that is highly admirable, the latter days state that there is a vast falling away. This statement is made of the spiritual state of the "Church", but it is aided only by that "Church" proper incorporating itself and governing itself as a separated institution to its incorporating government - a "little horn" attached or found on the beast but speaking of great things, blessings of growth and revival etc.

The falling away is most closely associated with the "rapture" doctrine, as introduced from Macdonald's vision, or John Derby (sic) at some pastors conference or indeed from faulty manuscripts, gnostic gospels etc.

2Th 2:2 That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.
2Th 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
2Th 2:4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
2Th 2:5 Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things? (KJV)

The question remains, "How did the "Church" get there?". The answer is found in that thing "which Jesus hates", the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes. That is to be taken as referring to those that defer their choices to the doctrinal whims of others, by trusting their pastor as their proxy or by a vote in collective, the self-government of the "Church" has fallen prey to accepting false doctrine in order to "go with the flow".

The important verse(s) are to be found a little later on.

2Th 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
2Th 2:12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (KJV)

And all this for not receiving the "love of the truth" (2Th 2:10).

The answer is simply a lack of righteousness, enter the beast into the frame. That "doctrine" has, just as equally, become a most "American" thing (group consensus "makes" it right, not the quality of its intrinsic certainty).

The beast is a construction made to squeeze out the righteous few and for the right-minded to accept a change of paradigm to bring in a solution for world peace. Does the end justify the means? I can only state that the righteous are often the most argumentative and the shift of paradigm has been from a moral high ground of leading the world's nations whilst clearly in the moral right to a solution where the collective is given that high ground and the world is to govern itself. Is that a bad thing as the "Church" is thereby offered a voice at the table? Clearly the absence of what is a definitive "right" as opposed to a compromised "left" is never to see that right conserved through the dialogue made of the collective - the dialectic process: that it may seem morally and justifiably right to all (but the end thereof is "death", not one of violence but of paradigm, an absence of any need for Christ in those that deceivably perish).

The American war of independence against the monarchist British (white horse) left a remnant of a very vocal minority which issued in their fledgling nation's constitution and bill of rights that has defined their nation and remains to this day. As the transition to super-power was made against the former state-doctrine of non-aggression, treaties that were never envisaged to agree with a global bill of rights were signed and there was a conflict between east and west and that cold war followed after the second world war, the period of Nazi germany, one of the three horns "plucked up" as according to some.

However, the red horse of the Revelation preceded the black horse, the USSR preceded the Nazi state.

I would instead order the paradigms rather than the nations which formed them - which are the three horses rode by the three horsemen (actually the same spirit of antichrist found exercising all four of those paradigms): for nothing orders the nations other than the beast construction made over the shift of paradigm from the driving righteous to following collective consensus.

The red horse, that of the USSR followed the second world war wherein Daniel's leopard beast (Germany, black horse) fell so conclusively. The vigorous American republican movement followed after the threat of the "red peril" influencing the world to undermine their republic, for it did indeed do so in the cold war, eventually leading the USA into the new world order as the global policeman to settle all arising matters of Hitler's paradigm re-emerging - all nationalist states going against the flow and with extreme views are effectively eradicated by the beast. That same remnant that remained after the weaker USSR had influenced the more socialist youth that then overtook the numbers of their republican conservative forebears, those young minds remain influenced by the same scientific and pyschological views of those from the socialist east fleeing into the west from their own persecution by Hitler.

Then the vigilant squeezed out the British monarchist, whereas the communist squeezed out the same set of vigilant; the USSR taking the fall in order for the USA to waste its freedoms in order to combat every new Hitler (third horse) thus to maintain global peace; a socialist paradigm slowly choking out the more nationalist of the youth and replacing their sense of nationalism with globalist socialism, i.e., the New World Order (pale horse paradigm).

Then the new world order exists to stand upon the defeat of any new "Hitler" (black horse). The righteous republic instituted by a minority voice now mostly staunched by collective socialism in those three stages, there is very little left to note. The militia that won their independence against the British were squeezed out as their remnant - the republicans instead followed after the effort to eradicate soviet communism instead of watching over their youth schooled in socialism in their college(s) by the eastern influences over their education, that republican paradigm failed to the overtaking socialist youth. Similarly, extreme nationalism is supposedly forever fallen, not only abroad, but those wishing to reinstitute the nationalistic glory of the past at home are usually found to be white supremacists, or else the genuinely patriotic are labelled such as Nazi's. (For many of the vocal are white supremacists and poison the water; cf. the "British Identity" doctrine etc.)

So, the paradigms as squeezed out are as the white, red, black and pale horses as nations "plucked up", whilst theirs is one rider in collective - the antichrist driving the NWO. The four nations correspond to the lion (Britain), the bear (USSR), the leopard (Germany) and "diverse fourth beast" (USA). The first three nations fell and supposedly so out of their order, but not so as their paradigms accrue. (Daniel does not order the plucking up of the three horns, only that they were required to fall.)

So, as the NWO is a paradigm and not a nation, its purpose is to eradicate the nationalist and the vocal conservative and to eliminate all differences between all nations. Not a bad thing you may think: but the method is Marxist, to eradicate all truth to any religion in any didactic paradigm. It is instead secular humanist, antichrist and is deceitful, deceptive, it fails in privation and is always unstable, forever shifting to compromise instead of being grounded in the morally right and led by those clearly in that right, there is no order to the new world if it only exists to defeat all differences and never to accept them as it was originally and constitutionally (sic) intended.

It is said a nation can be judged by how it maintains its laws. I would offer up the views of the youth on religion as evidence for whether it's population still honours any conservativism it still claims. I don't think the NWO has quite won that final battle yet, but it is getting there. Instead, that perpetual failing compromise has one end - in sin. The perdition is where it is, as a system, grounded. It can only operate in the dialectic and every global effort for the last 80 years or so has been to put it there.

Without the righteous few, there is nothing to maintain but an oxymoronic sense of "global nationalism" and the death of the "old world order" is not a progress onward from the enlightenment having learned the lessons of the industrial revolution but one leap into the unlit darkness instead. The moment the dialectic process was given the reins, it was doomed to follow after that perdition (the dialectic) and sin, to make the world trust to the paradigm of antichrist and sideline faith in Jesus Christ and all else that is worshiped in favour of one world faith relativising the merits of any religion whilst destroying it all, claiming to have the authority of God to decide what is religion. For the NWO is (as Hitler also put his most occultic socialism), also a religion as it requires (paradoxically), the destruction of human faith to keep it working.

So, to return to the "Church", there is no such enduring seat to be found at the table. Whilst some would claim and maintain the separation from the state offered within the scarlet beast and its image, the vast "falling away" occurs only with that image of self-government formed over the "Church" itself. Once that dialectic system is set up in religion, Jesus has been unexpectedly expelled from His seat over the table, and the "Church" expelled from the kingdom of God just as swiftly.

A sense of "national pride" made in one's own false doctrine(s), as unifying all denominations into the one body under the dialectic process is a clear warning to take of this history. The image may give an illusion of one remaining in control aside from the beast and its order, but it is too worldly and those bearing its mark out of that same patriotic sense of pride made in their religion - that they maintain it by their own vote - is a similar paradox, it is entrirely antichrist.

Sometimes, the seat offered is no seat worthy of acceptance. The real victory is to assure ones' self that the collective requiring the offer of that seat at the table is not a body; it is a nullity. The faith instead, needs its own Lord Jesus Christ, not any self-appointed governor appointed to speak but made only a figure for enforcing compromise in kind.

By all means sit and do well if you seek such a seat concerning any other (worldly) walk of life: but dont reign over the truth of the gospel if you find yourself so caught; if you should needs become as God Himself to sell to anyone a compromise to all righteous faith.

Then 2Th 2:12 (above) states the cause is pleasure in unrighteousness. That is simply the dialectic paradigm that would rewrite the rules instead of adhering to them. To make Christ relevant is not to do that thing in this day and age; it would not be to place Christ as head at His own table but to offer up antichrist as to take Christ's rightful place instead. Who would speak for Christ? Who would the world follow? God has said already, He does not need reinventing.

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