As By The Holy Spirit

Now, the Holy Spirit acts as multiplication on the octal as far as can be deduced (the Holy Spirit's new name is somewhat different). What may be stated is that the local closure is mapped through the sets of the octal by that action, and is able to act as a seven cycle upon singletons that represent the full content of those sets.

Obviously the ideal set to map through the octal is <e> in any disjunction. Then the local closure is acted upon (as by the Holy Spirit) as equally as upon the conjunction made of every property of that set and this is made of Ω.

However, the new name will require that the element zero or "e" become part of that multiplicative group, and the Holy Spirit I expect will become as C8 when Christ "writes His God's name on the least".

The Holy Spirit's strength is likewise to be made perfect in weakness also: i.e. when the "lamb" saves the least "e" in the kingdom and delivers Him by the same Holy Spirit.

Then I expect Christ to sit as the K4 group in the octal with a self-referencing closure to that of His Father - He will have a new name also of C4 sharing the same right hand (the least) with the Holy Spirit as C8. Then the reign of God omnipotent will arrive when the least is delivered.

So, Christ has arrived and become perfected openly before all, and the Holy Spirit is here now and will also become perfected with the completion of the election of grace in the least's deliverance. The Father, we should expect, likewise is already perfect but only showing His "old name" in the present in order that He may justify Himself as omnipotent with His new name.

So, the least is such that the Holy Spirit as multiplication has the least effect of all upon that one. He is essentially the "zero" element absorptive of all multiplication. The Holy Spirit is either unable to make a difference or the ultrafilter forms some reference of unity to the zero. In saving such a one, the Holy Spirit must or can move everything and is thus shown "omnipotent". What is moved is the least, God is omnipotent rather than chosen in kind, yet the least also overcomes the world and finds Christ.

Yet God in omnipotence now, uses only His old name to save the least. God will always remain omnipotent. God will yet rest upon the election of the least. (zero will become as unity).

So, I would name the Holy Spirit as C8 now (as all perfection completed), and have the "weakness" of the Holy Spirit shown now in C7 as described in the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Then God is acting in weakness in the salvation of all His elect; and with the dragons defeat upon the body of his image - fallen as a mere deception - God need not act in weakness (to show His grace sufficient) further. (Though the wrath is preprepared, and made only to satisfy the saints and angels.)

I will move on to more familiar territory as in the Father (the octal).

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