The Election Of Grace

The great tribulation is supposedly so dreadful that nothing like it has gone before. Can you imagine a holocaust so dreadful it would eclipse every instance of human suffering in all history? I can not.

Instead, Christ states that there is an "election of grace" and He chooses those that He would for salvation. The tribulation is this very same election of grace. No such reach of divine salvation and redemption has ever been: no, not on this world since time began. It has lasted longer, saved far more and been more effective for God than any other work recorded in the Bible. Christ's cross surely saves.

I would then state that hardship certainly went before today, and ease apparently comes after: yet the selection of the elect in Christ is no less stringent: those with love for the truth in an age of compromise are just as legitimately redeemed and saved as those that withstood the brutality of violence yet with Godly restraint in the Spirit - a restrainer since loosed and only in place by the faith of the believer themselves. (Many last will be first and vice-versa.)

Returning back to Matthew:

And Jesus has said before.

Now, the end of the age is expected with a great sign: but this double eclipse would require the moon to be on both sides of the Earth at the same time. A puzzle indeed!

Instead, the Sun becomes black as a mourning garment, and the moon as if life (red as blood) in that those with those worldly paradigms have lost their reference (the Sun) and move from light to dark and back again lukewarm with no real love of the truth. (For a complete reading start in Revelation.)

Christ is never wrong.

Finally Christ acknowledges the fig tree (for He cursed a fig tree never to bear fruit again ever). In that light, the fig tree (Israel or rather, Judea) will re-emerge, but it will bear no fruit for the Christ. Afterward, the end is near for His judgement.

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