A great claim of the book is made on the relationship of the dialectic to the history of the modern era nations of the four beasts of Daniel. Those examined here show that Daniel could not have been more right that he was in his prophecies. The objection that Daniel was written after the rise of Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome because of his accuracy is shown suspect from the accuracy of his prophecies of the modern world., Daniel was clearly inspired by the word of the Lord coming to him.

The Moral High Ground Is Null
The rise and fall of the three kingdoms plucked up to form the New World Order born in the USA appear out of sync with the seals one to three. Instead, the dialectic is working for Satan as he requires it to. If you didn't understand this before, you will find your answers here!

Breaking In Pieces
The fourth beast of Daniel chapter 7 is taken another look at here. The sinister works of this beast are examined and explained, so that the "high ground is null". Furthermore, Daniel is right on the money and can never be "too accurate".

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