The Time Of Trial

At the end of the age there is to be a "time of trial" as written of in the seven letters of Revelation. (In the letter to Philadelphia.) This is a prophecy that concerns the salvation of the very least in the kingdom of God. Christ, had stated that those days are "cut short" and if this was not done, no remaining flesh would be saved.

Now, it is not the case that there is one last believer so saved: instead the least in the kingdom is sent and saved and there is a remnant. There are also those "green things" remaining in the paradigms of the worldly that appear without salvation, but are yet chosen by Christ's elective choice.

Such salvation is granted in a time of trial - whether a person would honour God or else blaspheme Him, before the wrath of God descends and all blasphemy is put to an end in the dialectic devices of the four seals.

That no flesh could be saved is found with the least treading the winepress by circuiting the seven churches where the worldly could not. That circuit, a "rainbow about the throne" in the heavenlies, is a restoration of the Noadic covenant, in that salvation by Christ has certainly held firm for two thousand years and also in the Mosaic law before Him. Without the least, only the last may be so justified in the end and there would be an end to grace. This is not to be so. There is no end to God's grace until the final judgement is past.

Then there will be no period of any "mark" or any end to those that find Christ before the end of the world. The mark is a token of blasphemy in worship and it is not the case that God may be defeated in gifting His grace by a grain of silicon in the form of any microchip: for He placed billions of them on the planet: one should be "stood on the sand of the sea" with respect to their doctrine on that matter.

So, if no "flesh" shall be otherwise saved, there is a "gap" in grace to the ungodly. This is certainly not to be so. The time of trial is a mystery, but it is not the "great tribulation", merely the very end of it before the judgement is set.


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