This section is a little different - these are "pearls" or threads that the reader of the book may have drawn together from the books content - but there are many such "pearls of wisdom" to be found in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is wiser; when you find one to keep it from any dissemination, to store it up as treasure in the heart (For you will have treasure in heaven waiting!) These, however, are some ideas to get you thinking, the "pearls" here are held true by many already!

Amillennialism was not my starting position. I was not one who had yet made their mind up on the issue and instead sat on the fence expecting a thousand year wait under a reign of Christ before the "manifestation of the Sons of God". I believed that this thousand year reign was to prepare all to be made one in a marriage of the lamb between Christ's people and His Father's angels. Now, I expect the very same, but immediately - not after a "trial period". We are elect, and Jesus has chosen already.

The Least Is Holy In Christ
Another series of "pearls", but these are offered on the basis that you understand a well-ordered principle. I hope you will not expect me to have worshiped angels - I state there is no God but found in the trinity: Yet, have you made your own inheritance too small? We will never become God, but God has His own mechanisms with which to gift us. We are not just priests to serve God but are as kings also!

The Only Regenerative Eight Cycle
Some musing here, and very little maths to justify it! There is no knowledge of the new name of God beyond that which can be readily reasoned out - yet without an algebra that is as far above us as the Revelation was above John, there is little of that algebra to expect and only the grace of God upon which to depend.

What Then, Is Hell?
Hell is something built. Quite a statement - but not the simple pessimism that may first appear. In recognising Satan's devices the end may forever be averted. It is up to man for the most part to correct himself on the matter of when the second coming will arrive. However, we have the more sure word of prophecy and the lessons of history to show man has not learned to direct His own steps: and Jesus Christ will certainly return.

Two Parts Cut Off
The "two parts cut off" prophecy is an enigma, but one simply unlocked by the octal used as a "primer". It turns out that the third part which is preserved is "translated" from their worldly state to dwell in rest in heavenly places with God.

The Open Door
Even when the "great city" or the lake of fire is completed in all 120 elements, twelve of those elements are due to the leaching of the proper operation of the Holy Spirit out of His place. Instead of using repeated squaring (Frobenius) and finding false rest where there is none, God's own seven cycle is always in place up until the winepress is trodden out without the city.

The Keys Of Hell And Of Death
I gave a rather lengthy acccount on the keys in the book, concerning the seven seals and the trumpet sequence. There is actually a far more prosaic explanation of the keys which I give in this page, which, by its simplicity, hits the bullseye - as if the simplest explanation were the truth.

Immunity From Demonic Possession
So, what other use is the least in the kingdom of God? As the title suggests, there is another benefit to the circuit the angel makes in Revelation. Once the angel overcomes and has proven himself principal overall (with no positive reason to exclude his election) there is no further reason for anyone to be possessed by spiritual or demonic influences (that is, by truly demonic possession), and this is not a cure for ill mental health.

A Unique Inheritance
I tie in the previous page with the subject of the earlier page "The Only Regenerative Eight Cycle". It turns out that the least is somewhat "off limits" and all should take comfort in the verse(s) given.

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