Serpents Would Judge
The Serpents of the sixth trump are examined and shown to private virtue in the octal. It is seen that these spirits are those that would build bridges for antichrist rather than for God: They are themselves worldly and do little more than misrepresent the elect believers - so that those "serpents" that make those bridges are those same that thereby put the believer under the consequences of their "ministry" - that result (the intention of Satan) is the obligation to take up the dialectic process, where before there was none.

Scorpions Would Multiply
The scorpions are the fifth woe, the serpents the sixth: Whilst the fifth appears to require the sixth to be built beforehand, this is not the case. The spiritual cause of those five cycles is the presence of the locusts which proivide the structure for the cycle and not the serpents themselves, which actually find the authority to institute that five cycle and hold captive the churches so gathered together to enable the scarlet beast (MYSTERY BABYLON) to be built, for it is the throne of Satan to be made over the church that is the goal of the enemy.

Virtue Privated
Virtue denied is Satan's goal, though it is a comfort to realise that God will not see His people wholly destroyed. Jesus promised to return quickly and for us to watch, for as the signs of the end appear in the churches, the plagues of the dialectic show clearly that the end is coming and that end fast. It makes sense then, that if it is impossible to convert obediently then it is impossible to convert; and the time is already far too late. There should truly be time no longer.

To Tread On Serpents
To tread on serpents is to counter the logic of the dialectic at its most subtle. There are several tacts that may be used without compromising virtue in any disjunction. First, virtue may be added to (conjoined upon), as with more virtue or, separately it could be pointed out that a disjunction is made in terms of the wrong virtue. (An easy result for the believer to state as minister of that virtue.) The best result though is to refine the constrained grace so that "mercies could freely abound". We would see the unjust steward that is ineffectively or "mis"-managing the tools of a minister, here defeating the wisdom of the "children of this world" as to correctly employing the paradigm of God; so that by cutting burdens, the grace of His master would do just that - more freely abound.

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