All Judgement Given To The Son

Now, Armageddon aligns every octal in the sea of glass into one "place" (octal). This would include the "mountains" or the wormwood device as arrayed against the circuit of the angel. (Appearing to come down as fire from heaven, as does the angel's circuit through the churches using only the octal.) That is, as if they operated under a valid seven cycle when indeed they do not.

Now, every octal valid over the triple of K4 groups forming Christ's golden girdle have the multiplication of the GF(4) ultrafilter induce the action of Frobenius upon them in the octal. This includes wormwood as also the reference and its valid left hands.

So, the multiplication of the GF(4) (K4 form) of the ultrafilter would induce the same operation on every octal as Frobenius would, as on the octal. There is still no embedding of GF(4) in GF(8) and no Frobenius map inducing a transposition within the octal as with the serpent devices of the sixth trumpet.

Then every static triple of every octal containing the girdle (the jacinth part of wormwood) corresponds to the static triple or "face" in the K4 form, and when Christ is sat at the right hand of God, to the static subgroup of the reference. In turn, every static triple becomes (through Christ), congruent to His "face" and also therefore the unity element of the lamb shared with the octal which is common to that subgroup and the intersection of the groups spanning the octal that is the girdle and K4 form.

So, all are under the covering of the lamb, saint and sinner (and condemned for their lack of faith under a law of faith) but only the elect receive the Holy Spirit. Only Christ's chosen will correspond to the reference seven cycle and it's static subgroup that is the perfect and pleasing will of the Father, which is His Son glorified and sat at His right hand.

Then Christ will also separate the possible static triples of wormwood to His left, and those with the static subgroup of the reference to His right and this condition of election: (that only the elect have the Holy Spirit with the correct static bow) is enough of an equivalence to having the right "unity" and the correct static subgroup - fixed by choice of octal multiplication in the Holy Spirit alone.

Then even those that would claim they have the static subgroup and a seven cycle but operate in wormwood are cast to Christ's left. All rests on Christ's judgement seat as to those He will elect and those He will reject. The seals as opened and the elect revealed to Christ during the great tribulation of the whole church age is enough that Christ will be pleased in those the Father has given Him, and that they all are to be in receipt of His intercession.

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