The Only Regenerative Eight Cycle

Now, God's new name contains the Holy Spirit then become as an eight-cycle (I expect), but I have no derivation of this, it seems impossible but not for God!

Every other one of His people in creation will dwell in the sabbath rest of God, and His right hand is the one both unity/zero only, none other has that same inheritance.

That sabbath of all is also the unity in a seven cycle in a field GF(8). There may be other "arrangements" of the new name where zero and unity do not match whilst there is still an eight cycle indexing a suitable "set of everything". This would occur under multiplication I assume, with the zero fixed by absorption and the multiplicative group permuted cyclically by the eight cycle. Then, unity is not the zero: but there is now less symmetry! In the ultrafilter the unity indexed by multiplication is "less fine" than that met in 1=0 of the least which may substitute for it: and thereby every other element in the filter becomes as "unity" and is always "less fine" than the least.

So, that substitution of the least for any other "unity" is the basis of the regeneration found in any eight cycle in the "trinity" - that I expect to find in the new name of God.

Every other eight cycle then appears a counterfeit! The regenerative 8-cycle is found in being justified by Christ and being "greater" than the least who is always accepted by the more sure word of prophecy, an "open door no one can shut" as in the letter to Philadelphia.

So then, in the completion of the election of grace we are all regenerated by "an eight cycle". Then we rest only in the seventh element (unity) and the final sabbath rest of God.

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