The Early Church Was Not Communist
The early church has been accused of experimental communism and that their early exercise in socialism was taking the bread out of mouths that had earned it and deserved it more. It is claimed that it failed in its exercise as soon as famine overtook their lands. In this page I use the octal to model exactly what God was doing with the early church. The result is one of virtue and openness. A situation not at all marxist (for Marx hated God!) Instead it may surprise you to learn that some stations in life are also overconstrained and without benefit when they would appear to be beneficial. There is noted the appearance of a strange twist to the office of "kingdom builder". Worth noting indeed"!

The Idol Shepherd
Not strictly able to be placed in the book, chapter 11 of the OT book of Zechariah contains the passage on the "Idol Shepherd", a mystery without then interpreting the preceding verses concerning the Lord's errant flock as ready for the slaughter, rather than a harvest. In this page I take a look at those "broken instruments" of a foolish shepherd with which the Lord accounts for His whole flock. (To be compared with the overcoming of the least who is instructed to overcome his own faults.)

Not By Might, Nor By Power, But By My Spirit
The least is called to exit the Church of the end-times. That stated, there is a least overall and the enjoining of fellowship to fellowship within the scarlet beast system works for the purpose of God, in that the least overall justifies the spiritual conviction of believers then also called out.

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