The Early Church Was Not Communist
The early church has been accused of experimental communism and that their early exercise in socialism was taking the bread out of mouths that had earned it and deserved it more. It is claimed that it failed in its exercise as soon as famine overtook their lands. In this page I use the octal to model exactly what God was doing with the early church. The result is one of virtue and openness. A situation not at all marxist (for Marx hated God!) Instead it may surprise you to learn that some stations in life are also overconstrained and without benefit when they would appear to be beneficial. There is noted the appearance of a strange twist to the office of "kingdom builder". Worth noting indeed"!

The Idol Shepherd
Not strictly able to be placed in the book, chapter 11 of the OT book of Zechariah contains the passage on the "Idol Shepherd", a mystery without then interpreting the preceding verses concerning the Lord's errant flock as ready for the slaughter, rather than a harvest. In this page I take a look at those "broken instruments" of a foolish shepherd with which the Lord accounts for His whole flock. (To be compared with the overcoming of the least who is instructed to overcome his own faults.)

Who Is The Church Anyway?
First, I am taught there is no "church" in scripture - capitalised or otherwise. Instead, there is only the one body of elect believers and it is Gods "chosen" or elected people. (The law is fulfilled and the old covenant concluded in Jesus Christ.) So, if the "church" is Israel in the New Testament, then Israel must be the "church" in the Old Testament.

Not By Might, Nor By Power, But By My Spirit
The least is called to exit the Church of the end-times. That stated, there is a least overall and the enjoining of fellowship to fellowship within the scarlet beast system works for the purpose of God, in that the least overall justifies the spiritual conviction of believers then also called out.

Over The Cities Of Israel
The Great Commission is a good Christian ideal, right? It is not true, however, that the common way to do this is doing it right though. Jesus sent out His seventy disciples with specific instructions, and also provided the caveat that "for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come." Jesus, was not lying, for the church just went ahead and did it their "own way" and would not complete Christ's instructions to do things by His way; it just came naturally to them to seek greater numbers of converts foremost, as to glorify God, rather than to sow seed by scattering it here and there as Christ taught so to do.

No Literal Hell, Only Literal Judgement
There is a clear distinction made in just one verse when it comes to defending the idea that there is no blanket pre-judgement to "the lake of fire" or what is classically supposed to be "eternal torment". No unsaved unfortuneate will ever be tormented by God as equally as the devil himself, it is just not at all rational for a perfect God and there most certainly is such a proof verse, and I repeat it on this page (i.e. follow the link).

Fall On Us
As the book only quickly covers the verse that concerns the huge influx of potential converts at the end of the age, I thought I would add a short page on it here.

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