The count of kingdoms does not stop at ten, those being the six Old Testament empires that opposed Israel and of the four beasts of Daniel. There are two other kingdoms in the timeline revealed again, by James Lloyd of CMN, those being "the holy roman empire" and Imperial Spain. Why are these not included in the count in revelation's "the eighth is of the seven?"

The Kingdom Count
The kingdom count of the timeline of revelation is missing two kingdoms of worldly history... why?

Assumes Facts Not In Evidence
Satan has less to stand on logically than may be thought. Satan is a logically defeated foe, and this page explains somewhat why. The enemy has over-extended himself and without justification. That fact clearly stands in heaven.

How Art Thou Fallen?
Only a minor addition made here; there is not much new stuff to be added upon the book's content. (It needed saying just the same.)

The Crushing Defeat
I take a little journey with the dialectic and the cross setting up the kingdom of God. There is not much more to add: Satan is completely defeated.

Never A Morning Star
Satan, as Lucifer, claims to be a morning star. There is no truth to this - his "kingdom" is divided against itself and His redemption found in healing the scarlet beast is anything but. In order to justify that system, he must be damned inside it to give it life forever, as imprisoned within it to provide the missing "life" the false prophet cannot alone give.

Given the Revelation's judgement that cages Satan as forever damned to become the "harlot" of the image system to provide the missing "pneuma", I only note that the image formed of "MYSTERY BABYLON" or the "Son of perdition" is the ultimate goal of Satan's insult to God over the ownership of His elect (yet then as only the "tares" remaining in the "Church"). I now also find Satan's ultimate goal is to attempt to trap the whole human race in approval of his own unnecessary "apotheosis"; we may expect to find the final insult made to God of Satan: which has the side effect of also bringing the time of that end with God's wrath - giving a sure sign of the rapidly approaching end: the attempt of a genetic altering of every human creature to transfer ownership of eternal life from God to Satan, rationed to man on a deceptive basis.

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