Never A Morning Star

What is a morning star? The book of Job tells us that at creation the "morning stars sang together".

Job 38:7 When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy? (KJV)

Now, the planet Venus is known as "the morning star", it drops below the horizon (descending rather than falling) and rises with the morning Sun, shining (ascending again, justified, as if reborn).

Now I state the seven Holy Spirits of God are the morning stars, for to create everything in six days, each rested, descended and rose again as in the phrase "the evening and the morning were the ___ day." In "descending below the creation" God tests it to see it stand alone on its own self, without His strength to keep it there. (Presumeably containing Himself!) It truly exists (it is "seen good") - He does not have to think it into existence at every moment. In the morning as He again rises over the creation justified to continue, He is again "risen".

Then one morning star of the seven is at rest: being as the sabbath and now, even the least in the kingdom, sold to Satan and redeemed by his own reckoning is also a morning star, bringing grace to those trapped in blasphemy.

Satan, however, cannot give life to the image system, the final work of the mystery of iniquity.

Satan, damned, is imprisoned within the image to provide the missing noumena that the image lacks. Were he to leave that system it would again immediately fail, so in order to justify both he and it he must forever be imprisoned within. There is no rising justified, only a continual fall of the lake of fire from all grace.

Satan then, is imprisoned as the living image of sin within the system of witchcraft of his own making. He will never be justified as long as the image exists: he is at the total mercy of all those that would worship God in hell.

When the scarlet beast is empty of worshipers will Satan be freed? I expect not, for sin is not offered up as worship to any other in hell: that being the lake of fire, the damnation to the image is for Satan alone and it is not arbitrarily distributed. All will be linked to the image through the false prophet spirit to torment Satan as within that beast, and the beast itself will simply be "scattered" and a more varied system of "torments" will be found in Hell from it.

It is in Satan's interest to keep people worshiping in the scarlet beast system. He, to avoid continual "torment" will have to answer prayers as he is able.

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