Scorpions Would Multiply

Now, the locusts operate as "untimely figs". They form a five cycle and it is to be expected that because of the requirement for transpositions to shorten the seven cycle to one of five churches, there is the need for serpent transpositions to operate on the seven cycle from another setting elsewhere "in the sea".

Scorpions (locusts) are then that spirit that fills in the vacuum caused between fellowships as they join together. Despite the possibility of contradictions in virtue or doctrine, these spirits not only seize upon the opportunities to practise the dialectic as offered by the serpent spirits; they, also, by accepting the further growth offered by these serpent spirits, permit five cycles to form which cause the believers within those churches to be held captive by the strength of their relationships.

Those relationships are those to which they hold fast and yet permit the dialectic setting to come about so that they must operate in the diabolical process.

So, locusts are those that fill the closure of two churches, so that the five cycle would persist over the wider amalgam as a whole. The goal is to construct Lucifer's "weakening of the nations" so that the whole organised church would find itself captive to the five cycle, so that Satan may lay claim to having built "MYSTERY BABYLON" - maybe not in full, but just enough to snare the least within.

So, the "gentiles" that tread the outer court of the temple underfoot (that fall as untimely figs) - the "nations" of the seven churches from which the exit of the sealed has occurred, are reducing to tares that operate in only a dialectic setting, and they are never to discern the lack of Holy Spirit inside the false prophets' system.

So, the "locusts" private virtue by compromising on doctrine because of the strength of either their relationships in their fellowships, or for the deception that growth is the great commission. For it is not "make converts of all nations" but instead "make disciples of all nations", which is something else entirely. It is even - "leave no stone unturned, but collect on quality - not quantity".

The locusts then fill the void of "quantity" as if "potentiality" and the believer is that which should be of "quality", each worthy of his talent.

So, dreaming of growth and castles in the sky is actually against the great commission when it expands in the false prophet spirit. It is hard to spot if you are not always present at the enjoining of your fellowship to the worldly institutions that would see it become incorporated. Yet growth is extension, but projecting ones hope into a vacuum is occult, and without equivocation, in an age where God is not well pleased with the world and with the lukewarm that would call Him "Lord", it is foolish to dream of those castles in the sky when the believer cannot defend (read "justify" before God) the castle he has made on the sand.

As to why the locusts come first: there would be no authority for the sixth trump and second woe to be instantiated without the locusts and first woe to begin with. The believer "snaked" by their would-be representatives either need those relationships in the five-cycle to hold them captive beforehand or they already require the conviction for growth and expansion which is found in the reign of ten kings over the image system. Either way, the seven cycle must be interrupted first, in order for the believer to choose the five cycle over the seven cycle.

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