The terms "Armageddon" and "Gog and Magog" both reference the final battle between God and His adversaries, with the resurrection of the just and unjust, and the separation between them and their final rewards and judgement. These names have puzzled many for centuries, and despite not being fully examined in the book "Seven Eyes Open", I quickly run through the Strong's definitions of these terms and it is simple to see their true meaning, in terms of both the metaphysics and algebra - the meaning is easily revealed from their proper definitions when they are taken in the correct context! God, has not left us a puzzle without a solution!

What Does Armageddon Mean?
The term Armageddon is itself not a geographical location as most would think. The meaning is actually closer to the english vernacular. When seen in context it is a simple reference to a word picture that John has already described. The difference is of separation at the judgement (the rendez-vous all await) between those that have circuited as the least and been fruitful in reaching Philadelphia, as opposed to those that sit at ease whilst the setting in the churches has been exchanged for wormwood.

What Of "Gog and Magog"?
The terms Gog and Magog not only refer to "antichrist" and "land of antichrist" as we would expect from that spirit which is the eighth which is of the seven. I.e "false doctrine" and "land of false doctrine" - that being the false prophet and the scarlet beast. Instead we may marry these terms to the armageddon of the previous page.

All Judgement Given To The Son
Now, if all are assembled into one "meeting place" in the sea of glass, that of "Armageddon", the separation of the elect begins at the judgement when the book of life is sealed and always to be held at the Fathers right hand. Christ Himself opens those seals to reveal His elect that are written within, as they are His elect, His own choices (though not made yet) but the Holy Spirit is given so they may be known by their fruits. The judgement separates the elect from the unjust as simply as by "according to their works". The unjust, appearing somewhat equal with the elect after the wrath has aligned all the octals of wormwood into a "range of hills" (or that place "Armageddon") have become separated from His chosen elect only by the judgement seat of Christ. There must needs be that judgement, else all appear equal in Christ. Christ separates the elect and unjust to His right and left.

Seven Mountains
The question may be asked as to whether the faithful and the tares that have overtaken them are not already judged most completely, and that there is an a-priori condition for election. However, it is not enough to separate saint and sinner on the basis of whether they attend church or not. It does not allow for the circumstances surrounding that sepration as the two sets will interact in a positive or negeative fashion, and as each are rewarded according to their works, there are those in the "Church" worthy of a reward, and I find that the dividing line of saint and sinner is not so easily drawn, and only the judgement may draw a final line in the sand.

With Fervent Heat
The closing passage of 2 Peter would appear to state that the end will come with utter destruction. The passage almost seems to say that the Earth's atmosphere will be stripped away and the chemical elements dissolve in nuclear fission or even fusion. Does this passage concerning the events surrounding the "day of the Lord" have an alternate meaning, more in line with my interpretation of Revelation?

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