There are several alternate explanations for this phrase from 2Co 12:9, though I have only noticed one explanation for each member of the Trinity! I show that this perfection of God's strength is found in the limitation of each member, and the completeness of the octal is present from the combined weakness of each of the members as much as it is from their selves.

As By Christ
Christ is perfected in weakness: He is shown transfigured in the gospel and also, the verse Col 2:9 (For in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily) shows that not only does Christ sit as a subgroup of the octal, He equally spans it. In Him being transfigured we are shown that the equality of Christ to the Father is shown openly such that Christ both spans and rests in perfection, and there is a distinction to be made between these "states".

As By The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit does not have a name known to us and for good reason. We are not shown God's "new name" in full as yet. I should expect the Holy Spirit to already act as C8 but is only showing us salvation in "weakness" as C7. His grace is enough and already sufficient, it is not forced. The overcoming of the least without the influence of the Holy Spirit must be a baseline - and that baseline made with the proper dedication, willingness and love for the truth of Jesus Christ and His gospel.

As By The Father
God the Father returns us once more to familiar territory. God has given every judgement over to His Christ. This does not simply include the judgement on the last day, but also the law was chosen, and that it should please Christ to fulfil it. More can be said: that virtues are not able to be judged against: rather positive properties are able to be judged as positive or not in their disjunctions in order that they remain freely decidable. The Father may exemplify every positive property, yet only Christ has perfected such judgements.

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