How Art Thou Fallen?

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So, I mentioned elsewhere that Jacob's vision of the ladder with the angels of God ascending and descending indicated that angels appear to "fall" and be redeemed (climb) continually (i.e. all the time) moving in the God-given freedom which they have to minister. Grace, has its mirror-analogue in the heavenlies in that it is not sin to aid one not saved that is still practicing the dialectic if it is truly ministering for good contrary to the letter of the law and all accusation. (A good work or even any miracle could appear dialectic also.)

The title and office of "morning star" is given to the least in the kingdom of God (cf. the letter to Thyatira - Rev 2:28) for perhaps the greatest possible swing of that ladder or God's "pendulum", the climbing of the ladder made from the very bottom to that of the extreme top (the "lowest" seat is given the most honour.) This ensures there is complete freedom in the gospel for the marriage of the lamb to be justified. (The union of two bodies into one: those forgiven (the saints) with those not fallen (the ministers of angels).)

So, considering the length and breadth of that grace and the rewards given to the least in Revelation's seven letters, God, it would appear, will not lose a single one of His own and would reward the least in the kingdom as much as possible - even bringing him "near to Christ" (Dan 7:13). Those rewards given very nearly mirror all of Satan's lusts in the famous "I will" passage of Isa 14:12-14, the least's works are made for the benefit of Christ instead, and not for the self (cf. Joh 12:28).

So, why then would God not swallow the tail of Satan himself and justify him in His grace - redeeming him along with the least, and preempt the fall of man, solving all the trouble of earthly suffering and thus never cursing the world with "death" as due payment for sin? It would have taken only the right to access the throne of God (given to the least in Laodicea) to glorify that throne for God and not to ever become principal overall (which is given to the least also, whose place it actually is).

Why? Because God is unable to justify Satan at all (a "free" act is justified only by its actor and is always to be put under Christ's judgement: Satan remains a murderer from the beginning). An impossible task? Not so for God (the "empty set" is the obvious solution; God will do nothing) but certainly so for anything within the ability of Satan on the throne itself (a work in God's "old" name - as the least supposedly also reckons for himself from the heavenlies, his works completed, the least found born again); for the device of "wormwood" with which Satan covets the authority of God is forever in opposition to the will of God: "Wormwood" supplies a fiat K4 group whose identity is the "will of God" - the octal - that may not be altered at all. Any work of the throne cannot be so used in contradiction. A work completed would be the wormwood-opposite of the device (the alternate schema - see the book "Seven Eyes Open" (fourth edition)) applied. Satan, is totally irredeemable and has left the ladder entirely. He is damned by one thing, pride in his own intellect and is without the ability to affect that change by the throne of God; for in any case if he ever found a way to it, it would be no use to him at all (doing nothing in opposing itself and presenting no other solution to the intellect upon it).

Why can that work as for Satan not ever be found from the throne? The old name of God found solely in positive properties (which will never allow a positive work to be anything but self-identical: wormwood must be excluded) will not attain the second closure of the new name without one already a-priori justified in the kingdom of God (and present in the new name also). That position belongs to the least alone, and the intellect of one aspiring solely in positive properties for seeking such a solution without his crown of the marriage of the lamb and that of his person (a living crown) will never find any solution in God's old name. Satan's intellect, therefore, whilst created as intended is forever caught. Satan, as completely unable to access the new name from the old, is without any redemption to become a "new creature" similarly. (I suspect he murdered the least (Christ's own right hand) in the beginning and is due some righteous payback.)

Satan, in order to justify himself must then do so without the least in the kingdom that he murdered (God's right hand). As the least alone is principal in the new name and is the only real difference between the sets of the octal found in the two names (see the book "Seven Eyes Open" (fourth edition)), without the principal element of that ultrafilter, Satan ever remains in the old name only. In this manner, by the least overcoming his own separate and apparent "fall" by a work of charity as a "morning star", with no positive reason for Him not to be elected saved, the least in the kingdom overcomes the devil and all his works and leaves that Satan behind him in the dust.

Now, that the least is plausibly sold by contract to his enemy is enough to completely damn Satan. For not even this last caveat suffices to aid him in any way. The least completes his circuit thus remaining in total approval by Christ simply for the reason that the least is not the enemy's to destroy, and is also NE, finding approval in Christ easily by overcoming the devices of Satan in the churches of his circuit. That the least surely survives elected in grace shows that killing Him was never at all justifiable: the least has effectively returned Satan that infamous kiss.

So, if Satan holds sway over the least, the least is then not saved elect and so Satan cannot benefit from the new name of God in the meantime, as to ever justify his falling: (Christ has all judgement, Satan is never to be saved.) Yet if the least is then shown principal in the new name then he is a-priori saved and then Satan does not or can not benefit either way. Given the benefit of the doubt, or to place the burden of proof on God; when the least is delivered of Satan, Satan is forever damned without any chance to halt the second coming and the "reign of omnipotent God". Thus, if the least as principal never "leaves" the new name and all grace in Christ is forever intact, all such contracts with Satan are logically and necessarily void. (That circuit reveals the a-priori saved state of the least, it does not make it so, or make it "happen"; the least is then found to be a "morning star".) Then Satan will never and can never enter in to that new creation; he will never be "born again" (for Jesus judges) and he fails with or without "owning" the least whom he must destroy (and by any means can not do so) to ever be justified. Given no least, there is no new name and no justification for Satan. God, will never be without His right hand as the least is NE by Gödel's modal or ontological argument. (And that fact must be one of Satans "deep secrets" - without that fact spread abroad, he can still deceive his own.)

How can Satan remain to, or even appear to operate? Simple hatred of all things Godly and Godlike I expect. (He has no kingdom, as it is always divided. Cf. Mat 12:26.) I would not expect anything rational to come from his "camp" concerning the wormwood device at least. As it stands, circumstances merely remain.

Luk 10:18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. (KJV)

Then Jesus Christ's sovereignty is shown to remain completely intact despite any question made over it. That Jesus fulfilled the law (and that law of Israel only), there remain those that are beyond the redemption offered in the law (and never in Israel to be redeemed) and are not free to be chosen and elected by Jesus. Those then have (and will find) the proof that Jesus can reap where He did not sow, their salvation is then reckoned (accounted) for completely in the circuit of the least. Christ's fulfilment of the law would not otherwise justify those that He cannot choose under the accusation that they are yet Satan's personal property instead. There is only the one New Testament verse (Acts 13:39) to differentiate that the set of "ye" when it applies to the elect saints is without such condition of ownership - and that all are free to become as "we" saints and Christ's sovereignty to redeem is justified as to all (but for that murderer Satan).

Act 13:39 And by him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses. (KJV)

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