There is huge disagreement over the "great tribulation" as foretold by Christ. Different sequences, trials and timings are hotly debated and such theories do the reputation of Christians harm when they fail. Christ's statements in the Olivet discourse (cf. Matthew 24 etc.) have provided the prophetic content for this debate, but the truth in Christ's words is simple and it fits the scriptures of His record perfectly. Synchronising the items in the Olivet discourse across the gospels and the drawing of multiple escatological charts is completely unnecessary. Only a simple statement was given to begin with, yet the future expectation of many Christian teachings fails on its elaborate and varied application.

Not A Matter Of Timing
The eschatology applied to the interpretation of Christ's words is a fascinating subject, albeit pointless. If Christ had known the timing, He would have said so - and it is not to be predicted from His own words. Instead, take a quick look at the passage and ask yourself a few simple questions instead.

The Election Of Grace
Here is the kicker! No one would have believed it, would they? I inwardly groan when I think of the millions spent on end times theology when the truth is simple that the world ends with the immediate judgement, deliverance and salvation (of the believer) on the last day as taught by the scriptures in their entirety.

The Abomination That Makes Desolate
When did the great tribulation actually start and why? When I was baptised I suffered a spiritual backlash; when Christ had baptised and revelation had come to the early fledging fellowship of the saints, they too, had their backlash of the enemy and it was brutal in the extreme.

The Great Tribulation
Simply put; if the great tribulation started all those years ago, and things are comfortable for the saints in their churches and in their institutions today, where is that great tribulation heading? The answer is that there is equal (s)election on the basis of the love for the truth found in Christ: there is no test forced or inevitable without a denial of Christ. In order to explain "great tribulation" near every believer has denied Christ, but for a few that "have not defiled their robes". By suspending judgement, such sobriety (rather than ambivalence) is perhaps a great indicator of genuine faith. God bless you if you found it.

The Time Of Trial
At the very end of the age there is to be a "time of trial". Why then, is this not the same great tribulation? I would answer that "fair is fair" and God is just.

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