Hello and welcome to this website which is becoming the companion site to my upcoming book: "Seven Eyes Open - A study of the Revelation of Jesus Christ" (why you will not burn in eternal torment and why it is more important than ever not to be spiritually lukewarm), now in its Fourth Edition. The book is based on "The Revelation of Jesus Christ", the final book of the New Testament - it is a "revealing" of the mystery of God then completed, also now made complete in itself!

Ta Dah!

(The "Fourth Edition" is now ready!)

The first and second editions are out of print and there is now, also, a Fourth edition available (now ready and published; I apologise for the delay!) so I recommend that you should withhold from purchasing the first or second or even the third editions and instead purchase the fourth edition as it has now superseded and replaced the others. (There may be an overlapping period of availability of the latest two editions, but I will advise only purchasing the fourth edition, and I also state that the fourth edition is genuinely worth the extra expense.)

Whilst the book itself is an effort to gather together algebra, metaphysics, scripture and prophecy the book also draws together the threads of the book of Revelation from the opening verses to the last "Amen." The study employs the methods of algebra as a shorthand for the metaphysics of positive properties to show that the message of the last book of the Bible is then open and consequently explained: It turns out that no one is to burn in eternal torment because of the content of this last book of scripture and no one is excused for being lukewarm in their beliefs.

That said, there is no "Great Tribulation" in the sense of the accepted norm; the imagery in John's account is not literal, and much of that imagery in the text simply reduces to matters of algebra and symmetry. The tribulation sent by God is actually now become as a more "selective election" (on an equal footing with the early church) all the while the paradigm of restraint is loosed upon believers' behaviour as the seals on the book of life are sequentially opened. (Violent tribulation is no less "deadly" to the Christian believer than that spiritual tribulation (as to the "lukewarm" state of their paradigm and thereby made against their love for the truth in the gospel) at the very end of the age; the only safe place of refuge remains that faith on Jesus Christ.)

Likewise the wrath of God is also now as the reverse of this same loosening of restraint: For those that will refuse restraint upon their worldly paradigm would not accept and live within a life of faith as required by God; and the winepress is trodden out with equity.

In the book, the Revelation is examined with an eye as to the least of all believers. Rather than "call time" on the world when the last person is saved - (which would place the rest of the world in a stalemate of damnation, "marked" with a second death.) God has instead called the least in all His kingdom to repent and declares ahead of time that no other person may be logically deceived by His adversary Satan, those same deceived being the least's spiritual "betters" (or "better off"); and that all on the Earth should likewise repent.

If you like a good conspiracy theory, or are dissatisfied with the outcome of US elections due to the decisions of the electoral college; (having no reason to accept such a situation in your religion) If you are a Christian that wonders why rather than where other Christians get their answers, perhaps this is the book for you! If you can not understand the content of the first four chapters - study them to understand all the rest. If you still can not grasp the math or logic; find someone who can: (preferably the kind of person that can operate a VCR without the manual - you well know who!) The book should be within the grasp of someone nearby (as it was also with John, the apostle himself): I suggest you pick someone who has more spare time than you do! (John was possibly illiterate, "unlettered", when the Revelation was given to him, but he must have learned to write at some point.)

The origin of this book was not with the start of my previous site in 2003 and '04: but was an attempt to somewhat legitimise my own ideas as just that: my own, though nobody (excepting God as He is such a pattern, being described in the text by Himself) owns the patterns in scripture. The impetus for writing that first site followed after a phone call from someone anonymous in which that someone had asked me whether I thought as a Christian that a certain one familiar to and admired by him deserved to burn in hell. What I said in reply shocked me with the speed it came from my mouth! It was simply "Well, he's not!". It was not an answer that made any judgement call between innocence vs. guilt or one of punishment for sin - he may as well have been the worst sinner on Earth - it would make no difference. Now, I am reassured that those swift words were in fact accurate: There is nothing that so concludes the scriptures in that sense. Instead, scripture states that "Hell" is not waiting but is something built by those trusting to others rather than Christ. Whilst I now assert there is no need to vacillate over any "classical" idea of hell as if it were a stumbling block for God's own perfection (as if one were to be truly a "doubting Thomas"), this book is actually the answer to my prayers not just for God to keep me honest, but because such a statement as that needs justification!

When one is reminded that throughout the gospels Jesus spoke only those words given Him by His Father; and as they are truly the words from the perspective "of eternal life" of reward to right hand or left, they are in complete agreement with the later book of His own Revelation, and most importantly so. (The latter rightly qualifies the former, and if it weren't to be found that way round, what difference would there be?)

The book "Seven Eyes Open" is essentially an introduction to an alternative (and despite the algebra, 'simple') metaphysics, deriving a set of symmetries in positive properties and comparing them with the book of Revelation as a case study: The book itself asserts the statement that regardless of any degree of understanding or content; the decision must be made as to whether the apostle John was divinely inspired. I assert that he most certainly was so inspired: for in the book of Acts he is stated as being "unlettered" and he was not the "one" apostle supposed to be good at maths; (that accolade goes to Peter for counting to 153 the number of fish he caught.) No, John had later been taught to write and then circulated the Revelation around 80AD, as well as the gospel and epistles also attributed to him, (at some other point.) However, no one contemporary to John could have taught him the maths involved in the Revelation, there not even being an appropriate set theory in place at that time. His answers came from someone way above him!

Most arguments for the existence of God are possibly thwarted by the assertion that they "beg the question". You should be aware that this is truly a valid concern, yet I state the Bible itself is a supporting text for faith, not reason. It is true, however, that belief should require some thought; yet I wonder if any of you readers could find fault with begging the question if there is a "question of faith" that is only answered by the scripture. For example, consider:

"Half of the problem is realising what the other half is supposed to be."

This certainly begs the question, but is the "content" immediately thwarted? What is the content? Isn't it everything?

As this site builds, I will add to it more metaphysics as well as more algebra - there is much yet to be examined in scripture, the book itself may well appear on this site in part or eventually in full (though neither is likely any time soon): A good place to begin then is to include the original scriptures - so some Bible search tools are in the first section added to the site. I will add more sections later!

Now, here is an example of the kind of "maths" that this book does not and will not use - for this smacks of coincidence, rather then a proper example in accordance with the scripture. (Yet many consider the scriptures opened with such "tricks". The book "Seven Eyes Open" takes a far different approach.)

Zec 4:10 For who hath despised the day of small things? for they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven; they are the eyes of the LORD, which run to and fro through the whole earth.

So, for a little injected humour (or cheek); note the name "Zerubbabel" is Strongs H2216 and the same name also appears in the New Testament as G2216. With the bible closed and the plumb line straight (plumb or correct) though the whole scriptures (as would so be a pillar founded upon the temple of God), I can in few or small words say that even at the end of the bible, Rev 22:16 is today clearly apparent - albeit "it is a small thing". (I.e. John was clearly visited - though I also have the content of that message! Notice how much trouble I could get myself into without using genuine maths!)