First, I quickly run through a few bulleted points summarising the interpretation of the Revelation given in the book "Seven Eyes Open". Then there may be a few other pages that will help put the Revelation in context or that will support the interpretation of the book.

What Is The Revelation?
A Quick Summary Of The Revelation.

A Living Moving Proof Of His Work
This is probably a "spoiler" for the book itself, but I include it here as it is a note worthy of inclusion. I hope that it does not ruin the end of not only the book itself, but also of the ending of the Revelation for you also.

The Sign Of The Son Of Man
To tie-in the Revelation with the gospels there needs to be some explanatoin of the description Christ gave for the sign of His second coming... After all, if there is no correspondence there is no interpretation!

Co-Heirs In Christ
There are verses not only in Revelation that support the interpretation in my book, but there a few other verses scattered here and there in the scriptures; I present some of the most prominent here. There is also some sense of timing and sequence revealed but, still, no date is ever calculable for the end of the age.

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