The book, despite all the work that went into it, has a collection of errors throughout. Due to the proof reading process, grammar was edited; mathematical content was not checked to the same level of perfection. Please expect these errata to be small omissions or embedded errors of typesetting etc. There shuld not be a large number, but as I find them I will collect them in this section!

Errata In The Book (Third Edition)
Once again a new edition, so should that mean new errors? I am starting this page for adding any errata in the third edition which I will certainly add as I find them! Dont be surprised if the page is empty, as the third edition is then still very new!

Errata In The Book (Second Edition)
A simple list of known typos and typesetting errors, errors in the math and logical faux-pas are to be expected: These are to be fixed in the third edition. Should there be further errors, please contact me to let me know - a third edition is on its way, as there are yet errors to be found in the second.

When You Find A Mistake
Please follow these instructions if you find an error in the book.

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