Serpents Would Judge

The serpents are the spiritual generalisation of the effort of Lucifer to build his system (his throne) to interrupt the operation of the Holy Spirit over the faithful (and to sit in the sides of the north). That system is later referred to as the "seat of the beast". That is, the scarlet beast - Satan's throne being that same seat over the image system; his final effort to make its ten horns to thereby heal the beast's deadly wound - which uses Satan's own synthetic crown of dialectic logic.

Now the serpents mimic the action of Frobenius over GF(4) as if it were truly embedded in the octal. This is not possible but for Jesus Christ - as these serpents are antichrist "in place of Christ" in that they claim to have the judgement and blaspheme the authority by it as to state they, as in Satan's devices, open the last three seals. Yet, what does this mean in real terms?

Given the derivation of the octal, in that I expanded the K4 group of {p, r0, s0} by "splitting" r0 and s0 into predicates active and inactive to form (p, r, s, u-1, v-1, (r&s)-1, u&v). Now, u and v are still subsets of r0 and s0 respectively, and I wrote of how virtue is privated in the middle - which was not possible to exemplify in that "judgement" of virtue. the property r&s may not be in scope with either r or s without privating p.

So, "swapping" r and s or u and v is enough to force a "middle" in the disjunctions of p, r0, s0 and privating virtue.

This is not the same as inverting the disjunction: for u-1 v (v)-1 is not ever equal to (v) v u. (The former is decided positive, the latter only negative.) Only Jesus may have the judgement as to what is positive by shifting the schema of the octal to one of every inverse, effectively one become (p, r-1, s-1, u, v, r&s, (u&v)-1). However, "wormwood" is always contrary to the will of God; being the null remainder of Satan's only resort.

Christ righteously chooses and judges, and virtue is never privated: for in Him the Father is "well pleased", in Him there is only the consistently positive, for He judges with righteousness and not on whim: the positive is set in stone for Him also.

The serpents then, are as close to the gospel as antichrist can get. They present the believer with a close paradigm, but deceptively so and in subtlety, so bringing an occasion for compromise, through further dialogue without instant correction - treading on serpents.

Whilst the dialectic (and fiat) ultrafilter operates only in the earthly elements, it is clear that the serpents provide the religious component to the "Earth" in providing a faulty judgement that facilitates the dialectic by making the left hand static bow - (the synthesis of the dialectic) appear in "wormwood" so that the true and reference "Sun" octal then appears privated as the serpents facilitate the logic required to enable the dialectic in the setting of Christianity, then met in dialogue.

Those serpent spirits only operate with those three wormwood transpositions: and they only do so privating virtue: Applying the device twice is a counter-reaction but a serpentine one: one that yet privates virtue unless repented of whole. Applying two related transpositions is a further lie - it is a deception and certainly one to watch out for.

It would appear that these serpents are those that bring "antichrist" as a faulty form of Christianity by wormwood (using the dialectic paradigm to leaven doctrine) into the setting where the dialectic is being practised. Then, "they" are those that "make bridges" between the church / believers and those met in dialogue with the faulty wormwood. That said, they had better not be your representative in Christ! They will lead you into captivity - one seen in the locusts ("scorpions") also.

So, "serpents" are those that would facilitate circumstances to bring about the situation within which the believer is forced to compromise their standing (defile their white robes) between the gospel and wormwood (a close counterfeit only of Satan) in order to continue the ongoing operation of their fellowships - now tied in all but name to the dialectic and in the case of the seat of the beast; "MYSTERY BABYLON" itself.

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