In The Sight Of Men

The false prophet in the text makes a work of confusion:

Rev 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, (KJV)

So, the seven cycle appears to descend from unity in inverse to the circuit of the least. I would expect each to cancel so that in every "church" of the seven the false prophet opposes the Spirit of God.

The horns of the lamb (the rewards given the angel for overcoming), are then not present in those that do not overcome this fallen creation. (They are solely given for the least to be victorious - predestinated - and to overcome.) Instead the "men" are they that reside on the earth (as unity) certainly they reside in the octal yet do not circuit the seven cycle of the rainbow through the churches, but remain "at rest" (without conviction) only. So, the false prophet in bringing fire "down from heaven" assures men that they have no apparent need to repent.

Using the dragon's devices of wormwood, the seven octals generated under an illegal seven cycle must all correspond to unity if the "jacinth" portion is to be held static for the deception that the two cycle under Frobenius from GF(4) were to appear to be in effect. That each row then corresponds to unity is as if the circuit made through the wormwood octals would be done as by applying the inverse against the circuit, much like the circuit of the least through the seven churches of revelation. In fashion, this becomes fire coming down from heaven "in the sight of men", and not in truth.

By great wonders, we may consider the false prophet to accomplish great "works" and these are made only in opposition to the Holy Spirit and also without those strengths (horns) of the lamb, or any real answer to them (the open door of Christ is just that - open!). Likewise, those that dwell on the Earth do not dwell in Christ or have His virtue in themselves (having the "life" of Christ). These, along with those that dwell without that conviction as unity in the "nations" of the seven churches also dwell as unity on the Earth. The rainbow circuit whereby these are called as yet does not convict them as they are not so predestined to salvation. They neither have those seven strengths (horns) of Christ either. So, all upon the Earth follow after the false prophet as if his lying word was the last on the whole topic.

And that word is "complacency" - bringing fire down from heaven to nullify the ministry of the Holy Spirit to those caught in the dialectic (on the Earth). Without ears for the Spirit, there is no calling to overcome but that of scripture - and in the false prophet, the teaching on that scripture is not to be trusted.

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