The seven cycle to John appeared to "burn up" as John read the seven cycle form right to left. I state in the book that the circuit of the angel is instead opposed to the seven cycle acting in the order of the letters. There is also some confusion, as the "false prophet" brings fire down from heaven in "the sight of men". Also, the New Jerusalem also appears to so descend. In every case of the three but for the angel which is the reference of the rainbow cycle - the reciprocal of the cycle x appears as 1/x (or some 0 - y), in that it does indeed descend (i.e. reciprocate as "differing") "from" heaven (unity).

In The Sight Of Men
The false prophet brings "fire down from heaven" yet only on the "Earth" and in the "sight of men". I look again at that here, and there is a little more of the Revelation to be gleaned from John. Not in my book so explicitly, here is another answer to add.

Coming Down From God
Twice more God brings down fire from heaven Himself. I take a look at the difference of those to the false prophet's works here. John summarises the promises of God that His wrath (upon those he will not let enter His rest) is balanced with justice and is equal to the mercies He shows His own people.

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