Virtue Is Privated

So, the serpents are perhaps the easier case of virtue being privated: and made in such a fashion as to insidiously worm its way deeper into whatever church it is infecting.

The five cycle brings the "torment" from the stings of scorpions, and the serpent spirit makes the "bite" as one from the devil.

Aside from the imagery, it may be easiest to answer that the scripture does not make John into a putz for saying "WXYZ..." but instead John was taught of mutidimensional or multivariate algebraic structures which he understood enough to refer to their structure in a form which would be recognised by anyone able to admit John understood (and was inspired) more so than upon seeing some funky insects and horses with stings etc...

So, virtue is always seen to be privated by the serpents and also by the scorpions: the locusts operate on a failing paradigm, the collision of wormwood with Christian obedience. In the setting of the false prophet the seven cycle is continually resisted: the commandments broken, the virtue privated. The second woe is that in which the accusations of Satan find their authority, the first by which they find a foothold.

Whilst the scarlet beast operates in dialogue, the false prophet operates in place of the first beast in order to appear to remain separate to the state: but the first two woes are requirements for the third to be built. They must be present first for authority for the third to be found - and that is only found by accusation, itself a captivity dismissed by the overcoming of the least - the beast itself goes into perdition as any other sin, it is no "second death" until after the judgement.

Now, "virtue" is referred to as "light" in the scripture. and Jesus warned of a "night" coming in which no man may work (for the gospel). Without light there can only be the night and a lack of virtue - a complete removal of faith from the octal to the dialectic process itself.

Then Christ; as the one who walks amongst the seven churches is as one with "white hair" - always the head of the cycle. To realise that "faith comes by hearing", one must in perpetual fault enter into the church in order to gain instruction, and to receive the faith necessary to understand the requirements for searching out the truth and reading the scriptures, and overcome his own fellowship meanwhile.

So, then to be "beheaded" is not to lose ones physical life but one spiritual, to be removed from the seven cycle and placed into the shorter five cycle in order to learn in the "Church" of Christ proper and to understand the faith needed by all - or else wander in the dark with only a faint light to read by. So, in terms of "beheaded", if one is caught within that church system at death; those caught also truly need to be avenged (as of the fifth seal). They (in the fifth seal) had perhaps lost their lives not at all unjustly but as is normal: but yet still living while the witness of Christ was able to be transmitted soundly in the "Church". They would have most certainly and openly reigned with Christ if there had not been those tares in the "church": then causing the saints to fall with them, for the reason that the Lord has been using "the broken instruments of a foolish shepherd." (The "church" only ever exists in a worldly sense in the old name, no institution is ever "born again" as into the new.) Being caught in that system may be enough to damn a soul - even one spiritually related to the elect as "kindred"; then also seen as the portion of the remnant in Philadelphia that died within that seven thousand killed in the collapse of the "great city" by earthquake.

In being beheaded "for the witness of Jesus" it can then be argued they (the caught) are beheaded "spiritually" in order to learn how to witness rather than being a teacher witnessing at that moment. There is no logical worth left in God's creation if virtue is to be forever denied and faith impossible to gain obediently. As it is becoming harder (if not impossible) to gain that faith without privating Christ's virtue and becoming disobedient thereby (to find the church ready as a tool for converting ones' self to the gospel of God); the gospel is and has been at risk for many years (millennia) but it may truly be stated that this is also the will of God - so that He may be fully justified in returning swiftly. The Lord will certainly return as those days are cut short.

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