The Moral High Ground Is Null

The four beasts of Daniel refer to the kingdoms of Imperial Britain, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and the USA (New World Order). In the book I stated that that four was the hard limit of the dialectic, and I examine that termination here. I stated that the growth of the dialectic in modern times across the globe is due to the response of the USA "recoiling" from conflict with the other three, and that the moral high ground is null (in the dialectic).

The sequence of the other three allows for each to be "plucked up" as the restrainer is loosed in heaven. First the simpler paradigm of Britain is rejected by the US after the war of independence in favour of a republic. Then, the rise of communism is opposed by the USA after the defeat of Hitler in Europe in the cold war era. Hitler himself defeated, nationalist socialism continues on after the war (as in project paper-clip); the scientific expertise of WW2 Germany is co-opted by the USA for the advancement of the "military industrial complex".

So, whilst communists are opposed in the "McCarthy" era, the same hearts and minds of the more aware citizenry of the United States which oppose that rise of communism are slowly overtaken by the more dialectic paradigm of the young; schooled in a socialist system more aligned with the product of that German philosophical school that fled the Nazi's as well as survived them.

The result is that there is a remnant of the social structure in the USA that is slowly choked out by the introduction of the next and broader paradigm, facilitated by the great authority (freedom) granted by the constitution and bill of rights. The "remnant of the beast" as it were, is designed to choke the Christian faith, and we see that same mixture of political and religious fervour in the verse:

Rev 13:10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints. (KJV)

So, the small percentage of the citizenry (the militia) that fought the war of independence is that which instituted their republic, those loyal to the crown were assured of the newly fledged "kingdom's" insistence of the illegality of titles and aristocratic standing in the new republic. the rewards due those with loyalist sympathies were effectively staunched. (No land to be gifted, no titles bestowed on any, even abroad, in foreign nations.)

The USSR gave great fear to the twentieth century's USA through the threat of covert "infiltration". In undermining that republic they were the "bait and switch" that the republicans followed after whilst the paradigm of the nationalist/socialist schooling surviving from Nazi Germany took over by a slow crawl, but yet steadily choking the same republican citizenry by changing the mindset of the young to the dialectic, where individual rights give way to the needs of the group in consensus.

The continuation of the third seal system, whilst re-educating the USA in socialism is not as blatantly and obviously evil as was Hitler's Germany. It, in the context of modern relativism is not to be found as "bad" as Hitler's shocking evil but more subtle. With the assurance of Hitler's sound defeat, it would seem that the paradigm that permitted Hitler's rise slipped by un-noticed as a moderate socialism is introduced instead of that fascism.

Nazi Germany as total evil was completely defeated, ensuring that the "hearts and minds" of all should be found to agree within the fourth seal system built over that defeat. Yet this "fourth seal" is in contradiction to that same fascism - itself a third seal system. The utmost evil of the holocaust ensured that that particular third seal system would be totally rejected along the lines of Hitler's insanity - This Nazi germany was instead "plucked up". (The most obvious of the three to be so.) Britain had likewise lost the colonies, yet continues with the "special relationship" for foreign policy support, whilst the USSR instead took the fall for the NWO to exist in the hands of a socialist USA. (Ensuring the "end" of their republic.) They remain as a looming spectre, showing the failure of "the old world order" (or the remnant of the cold war) as not quite "in the same camp as the rest", and they display the result of that separation, a position no-one would want to forever continue within.

Then even the components of "the beast" in Revelation are accounted for; the head (mouth, foreign policy) of a lion, feet (stance, politics) of a bear and appearance (populace, paradigm) of a leopard.

Lastly, the "new world order" is built on the premise that there should never ever be a third world war. Yet, the NWO choke-hold on the apparent rise of nationalism (as so were the Nazi's with their fascism) in the dialectic is null!

That nullity allows contradiction, whether of any preemptive military action (illegal aggression?) or even a solution found in treaties as in the UN charter.

The moral high ground to prevent the rise of any "new Hitler" is therefore null, and permits the fourth seal system to rally (at will) the hearts and minds of its citizenry to become ready to oppose any unwanted action of those kingdoms exercising seal systems one to three: The result is that every kingdom joins the template of "the beast" (the fourth beast of Daniel, the USA) or they align themselves to the USA by giving their support. Or else they are relegated to the "old world order".

The dialectic in its fourfold bow form permits the citizenry (the heart) to oppose any in that "old world order". This is done with the outward appearance of rational judgement, but in truth the growth of social media is for this dialectic and remains tailor-made for this purpose: (Always used to raise yet another talking point in a new dialogue, instigated by numerous petitions and acts of peaceful resistance by the "youth", themselves unknowingly bred for the NWO in the dialectic fallout of WW2.)

What then is the truth? If the world operates on the dialectic, and social media will report on the "old world order" of the dialectic of seals one to three, then the answer is simple. Acts of virtue in Jesus Christ are the solution on the macro-individual scale and certainly not those other solutions required of government to solve their populace's divisions (and in a perfect world not military action): but this world will not hear it despite the actions of (then always) the minority. The new world order requires this contradiction of "new world" to "old" to be fed with constant fodder: Wars are required and as in Orwellian style, continuous wars are meant to remain continuously. The NWO will kill and kill and kill and not let go until every heart and mind are damned without Jesus Christ. (Christians are not the target: but the paradigm of Christ is the target.)

Yet Christ is going to return and the beast continues onward only "a short space".

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