Breaking In Pieces

The relevant verse from Daniel is:

Dan 7:7 After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns. (KJV)

The image is that of a kingdom/government that chews up and spits out smaller kingdoms. It takes them in whole, destroys them to smaller states (pieces) and then tramples on the "residue" with its feet (not just where it had once been in history). That residue (remnant) is of the "old world order" or those three modes of kingdoms - the beasts one to three in Daniel chapter 7.

Have you ever noticed that in and after war, the USA when building nations "for the good" will never institute a separate or new republic using the model of their own constitution and bill of rights for those people newly "liberated"? Would they permit another nation such as they to exist?

The answer from Satan, is "no".

Such a kingdom would completely rewind the calendar back to 1776, and Satan does not have the time to cook another NWO. (The beast continues on a short space.) Such a republic could not be opposed by the NWO without great contradiction! (I do not believe that the USA could do this for itself and fulfill the scripture also.)

Instead, the world has given the USA the world's great wonder and full pre-eminence by supposed "happenstance" of history, when instead it was the "blood guts and sweat" of its citizens that built their country up, only for the money monster of leviathan to tear it down bankrupt in a "short space".

The whole of the world operates on the dialectic, and the USA operates as policeman for the NWO. Those states "broken in pieces" are split up after being "devoured". The dialectic of the "old world order" (seals one to three) may be ruled over in contradiction by the paradigm of the fourth seal system, the result is that the USA does certainly "devour" to likewise oppose in contradiction and break those systems one to three with the dialectic's contradiction on itself.

I.e. If the fourth seal system has components A, B, C, D and the beast devours say, a three seal system with components B, C, D, then the NWO acting in opposition to it will contradict it on A. Then, from the perspective of the NWO, the smaller kingdom is "broken in pieces" by the NWO holding firmly to "A" so that one or more of B, C, D become null. (It is broken in pieces.)

The fourth kingdom also stamps upon the residue, in that the residue is "unable to rise after". In defeat or treaty, that nullity of B, C, D, is part of the record and the NWO becomes the juggernaut that will not permit opposition from the old world. (It is exceeding strong with great iron teeth.)

That said, the NWO juggernaut of the USA has no equal - and those kingdoms it opposes (as coming before it - lion, bear, leopard), are the residue: they are the "remnant" of the "old world order", the NWO is truly a globalist effort. (There should be no opposition.) But the feet are revealed in Revelation to be the "feet of a bear". The NWO, sets up socialist dictators and socialist states, but never truly frees any country's populace. Those "feet" maintain the USA as the only policeman of the NWO. There is then made no other NWO in opposition, it remains unique and only the USA had become such a fourth seal system and the result is only old world kingdoms are made to again replace those kingdoms devoured. (Yet made to operate only in the dialectic.)

That is not defeat for Satan though, as the citizenry operate the dialectic paradigm using the heart also to close the system of the third seal in the template of the second beast. Though fascism is removed but for the USA devouring and policing with the military during occupation in war-zones, those third seal systems bear an eerie familiarity (during those times) to moderate socialist systems rather than communist, it is a paradigm of "nation building" rather than the fascist nationalism of Nazi Germany. The "conquered" are supposed to be grateful and joyfully take the reins of their new governments, not boycotting them or their new elections. (Is this ever the case?) In any event, "nation building" gives way to winning "hearts and minds" and fostering a new sense of nationalism for that socialism.

I guess it is simpler to merely control a government than its people, and count on their assent to be given some synthetic freedoms (privilege) cooked by socialism - which is closer to the paradigm of the youth and those actions of social media anyway. (To rally the hearts of many to complain about an impossible situation with only impossibly dreadful and terrible solutions.)

The solution offered by the USA and NWO is for those states to be policed heavily and to be given the reins of a new state that itself recoils and instead becomes another "leopard" beast with a newly trained police force, further closed to a fourth seal system by the heart, in agreement to social values put forward by the NWO, and the NWO only. Satan, will never permit a new case of "one nation under God".

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