The Kingdom Count

The revelation mentions six kingdoms and then an amalgam of a final four. There are two others in the NT era, those of the "Holy Roman Empire" and Imperial Spain. There are also two old testament kingdoms besides the quartet of Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome of Nebuchadnezzar's statue dream. Why?

The tail of the dragon accumulates his dialectic devices upon those quartets, those of the old testament era of the statue dream and Daniels new testament era beasts of Britain, the USSR, Nazi Germany and the "New World Order" as set up in the form of the USA.

However, the NWO is the seventh in the count and the scarlet beast the "eighth of the seven", yet the kingdom of God is set up in the days of the kingdoms of the statue dream. Technically, the kingdom of God is the seventh kingdom.

As stated in the book, the cross of Christ is a "legal" dialectic set up by God, that He should be made "sin for us" [sic]. The devil's device is employed by God to logically entail nothing between His two covenants, yet the cross entails more grace than there is death in Christ's sacrifice.

There is then an empty middle justified by action - the crucifixion, yet no logical gap between covenants. The devil's device is used to move for good, and from the good to the "better". The world itself with the cross is "turned upside-down".

Satan therefore, is left with the remnant of his device (the NWO) as totally useless; unless of course the kingdom of God is defeated and dismissed entirely.

For then, there will only be the NWO as the seventh, and then after the cross it will begin a new count with the kingdoms of the "Holy Roman Empire" and Spain as the first and second, with the scarlet beast as the seventh.

Satan then, has accounted for the possibility that he will "win". (And that after the victory of Christ!)

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