I am no political visionary, I certainly have no such authority beyond an ability to vote in a democracy: the United States Of America is actually a republic instead; its people's power is somewhat placed and only found in their congress. There is, yet again, an addition that may have once been made to the constitution to strengthen those "things which remain" (sic.) but it is most likely a few hundred years past its ability to ever be applied. It could also cause some upset.

An Incomplete Constitution
The "Constitution For The United States Of America" (note "for" and not "of") is a fair system of checks and balances for the governing of a free federal republic. That said, there is a method by which the constitution could have been bolstered and without any doubt, also preserved - if indeed it could be considered to have aged and lost some relevancy.

Necessary To The Security
The executive branch holds the keys to the national security of the U.S. whereas the republic's founders intent was for a policy of non-intervention in all foreign wars - they knew that treaties could collapse nations as dominoes: the penned constitution would not stand in such cases. Instead, the "second amendment" deems the militia as necessary to the security of a truly federal republic. Granted, this is short-sighted with regards to the arms race, but it was still their intent, even if it be strictly limited to a "domestic security".

Ten Kings - The Gambit
There needs be a dialogue, a check and balance set up in the U.S. government; this page has it. I propose a simple change, needing only an extra duty for the vice-president and a place for the militia. There need be made "ten kings" as well as the presence of the paper shredder: what could ever sound worse?

The Deadly Wound
To wrap up, what would have been the consequence of such an amendment? Would there truly have been a "republic, if you can keep it"? Would Satan own the poeple having been given a lawful place to speak in their place, or would God have maintained that nation on the threat of violence?

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