In The Beginning

To dive straight into the scripture;

Joh 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
Joh 1:2 The same was in the beginning with God. (KJV)

The "Word" by John is qualified as the whole octal in revelation, but the word of the disciple John and the emphasis of his letters has always been "light" (virtue) and love, (agape, charity).

Now, the "word" mentioned in the verses here is the K4 group of a virtuous disjunction exercised for the two. We can then expect there to be a field isomorphic to GF(4) "in the beginning" which surrenders unity to the greater octal for greater perfection - in being found "with God": precisely the opposite of the one event when the Father forsook Jesus upon the cross. (When Christ became as a "closed set" with u-1=r and v-1=s in an "octal", then being found alone.)

Then; the same "Word" was "with God" (v1 still); that with qualifying the octal as the one container being that "God" with which the "Word" exists besides, which remains Christ (The Word remained (was) God, as found still in v1).

Lastly (v2), those two were found together in or "with" God, that latter God being the last member of the trinity, the Holy Spirit, the smallest perfect container of the three in closure. (Father, Son, Holy Spirit.)

Now, to answer the question as to why there are two constructions of the Holy Trinity in the book: that of the 3-space-like container and the disjunction in positive properties, there is a simple explanation. Both, are valid. Why? It is because there was forever God for eternity in the beginning but only true events after His work of creation began. Time, sequence and causality are dependent on creation or some form of continual induction principle. That, at least can be attributed to a first cause and I would hope that the answer of the creation bearing the positive properties - in a purely aesthetic manner equal to that of our own sense - answers the question of whether God is either omnipresent etc., or "perfect". In truth, He is both!

There is no "divine dipole" that started off that creation; merely the presence of God's sevenfold Spirit in a manner whereby God has eternally chosen to be an enactor of only the "good" (a happy continuance for every disjunction in those seven): it is not apparent from nature that God had to "fall" to exist in creation and exit it to see if it was "good" itself! God, judges His creation not by the suffering found in nature but by its value to Himself, which is not in question as it is perfect enough to sustain His presence and we must keep from consideration the sense that God is a "force" of good and not merely a creator of good (and evil), and never to consider the perfection of God or His own self as a mere ever-present and active force simply because creation can only be affected by Himself toward "Good" (which is the outcome of every disjunction He has ever effected! And, as the ultimate end of creation is to sustain God's own existence as a container in or of "it" all, He is the ultimate "Good" and this is to be admitted!)

Just because there is evil does not invalidate an eternal God, merely that God is always Good despite the lack of a positive aesthetic in our own perception and experiences. We are instead to approach God through sure knowledge of Him and not the creation itself - a hard lesson for all who worship their greatest expectation. Be amazed as I will also be when God comes in His majesty to Judge and is still found humble to the saved afterwards! We should now note the heaven and Earth will flee away from Christ at the judgement: Christ in all His glory will not show sinners a "perfected" miracle-creation but surely the authority of the creator. The time of ministry and election will already be well past.

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