No Literal Hell - The Literal Non-Existence Of

The biggest assertion of the book is that the language of Revelation qualifies the "lake of fire" not as a literal lake of burning sulphur, which will consume and destroy the ungodly - but "hell" is as a "cage for every unclean and hateful bird" instead.

I also state that if my testimony were ever worthy of it, I would stand on your part at the judgement to affirm this interpretation of the Revelation rather than see you tremble in fear of being damned to such an end - as along with scarlet beasts and pitchforks etc; the collection of which are also inventions upon the text (made without qualification as to the Revelation's proper meaning) as it was transmitted to John.

I would not complain before God if you were so damned, as everyone is judged according to their works, and if that were indeed the case, you would be the most miserable of all beings to deserve that fate.

I secondly make the claim that Jesus was foremost the receiver of all the Revelation and so directly from His Father - and He communicated to His angel to give it also to John.

So, understanding the text likewise qualifies the language with which Jesus taught His disciples. (Else it would be of less use to His disciples to further unlock His words and to further use them to edify all!) John's words were as "pictures" truly, but the language used, as that of "fire" and "sorceries" etc, are qualified by the Revelation - itself a primer for unlocking some of Jesus' parables as much as it is unlocked by them! (As it is so with the ten virgins, the woman who hides three measures of leaven etc, and I could go on! - Also, notably as to the rich man and Lazarus as well.)

So, I do not believe in a literal "lake of fire", because the book when taken literally does not affirm it! That stated, I also believe in a literal judgement of all, and this requires literal judgement itself, not a simple choice of "are you in or out" - there are just vengeances and mercies to be made upon those that are "evil" also, but this is to satisfy the requirements of the saints who will also see them tormented as to their being unworthy, rather than gloated over for eternal torment, for their punishment is to be left "where their worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched". (Properly qualified of course!)

Is there a "hell"? Yes, there is, but it is revealed as spiritual rejection - that reward for never being convicted by their lawlessness: and as given over to, or having a "reprobate mind". Such are judged "to hell" but will find their place in the lake of fire as that same spiritual captivity described - as eternal captivity outside of Christ.

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