The Deadly Wound

So, two things can kill the state with such an amendment: either the "seven" militia generals are overcome by Satan and practice the dialectic in the setting of wormwood alone: requiring the octal to be properly checked to make sure this never happens in the didactic: or else the Spirit of God will provoke violence. But when did God in His Spirit set up the USA as His own people for their own holy war? Never.

With the mystery of God revealed, it is possible to maintain a free state with that amendment without God's spirit: but this is now far too late in the game to ever effect.

The beast (NWO), still has the deadly wound and this is of the dialectic: yet the state (the USA) was able to be saved from the very start: who can attest to the purposes of God when it comes to guaranteeing freedom? Christ, has intercepted the dragon's seventh kingdom with the cross, in a work "on earth as it is in heaven" - one that agrees in the dialectic without worldly compromise: two covenants in which God cannot lie. (Though the dialectic agrees in the middle).

God, can take full advantage (in the cross) of Satan's very last device, so that Satan cannot stand an eighth kingdom without contradiction. It is the case that God may have possibly chosen to have instituted the check before described upon the USA but had elected to do it not, as the dialectic is already defeated completely. It is nothing but a contradiction, whereas the freedom granted by the USA's constitution is not His concern; it is not His kingdom.

God's grace is sufficient for all.

Now, If God were to maintain the USA, He would simply bless its people and fill them with the Holy Spirit. This is not happening. It has never happened. Why? If there could be a kingdom on earth, a refuge for God's people that would never bring any great tribulation upon that nation and His people, why would He not make it so? Simply because it is a temple built with hands, and He will not dwell in it. God, is not an american.

The USA, then, has part in the parable of the woman hiding three measures of leaven in the meal (until all is leavened). That is likened to the kingdom of God; for the USA must needs undergo its own great falling away for the NWO to stand (albeit divided). Then, the kingdom of God is more than sufficient, it is shown the victor - or as His house if you like.

God, has undercut the USA, not as three horns also plucked up (for it continues on a short space also) but by perfecting freedom with His gospel. That freedom is not worldly and has a greater inheritance than a sense of nationalism and patriotism. God has supplied where man can only dream of legislating. There is no deficiency in God's kingdom for lack of a republic; after all, what happens if you refuse one to keep the other? It is an easy choice to make, so God has made it.

There would be nothing stopping the USA from thumbing their noses at God and simply applying the schema, inviting His displeasure in the extreme. God has not left his kingdom open to such corruption; why would He leave the door open in the USA to that?

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