Only the gospel of John matches the construction of the third chapter of my book. In truth, once again it is seen that the new testament is in the old concealed and the old in the new revealed.

In The Beginning
I quickly examine the rather cryptic introduction in John's gospel, I find this totally amazing, as it dispels the myth that the Revelation was not penned by the same disciple as this gospel.

The Alpha And The Omega
I now examine the rest of John's rather cryptic intro: again, John is way ahead of us all here - was he given the revelation before writing both it and this, his gospel? It would almost certainly appear so!

The Lamb Before The Throne
A quick detour to the scene set in heaven before the opening of the seven seals as witnessed by John in the revelation. It would appear that Jesus was "carded" before He could take His rightful place on the judgement seat!

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