The Fifth Trump - Murmurations As Of Locusts

Have you ever watched a flock of starlings in a murmuration? The five cycle of the locusts in the fifth trump (as of the "five months" in the octal) resembles a set of five wavefronts moving in concert as if crashing upon a beach - one which the false prophet spirit "surfs" upon as if they were waves breaking, or that the five "churches" of the Laodicean amalgam are cycled; as if the spirits were in agreement with any unfortunate souls so caged within.

Those five churches each play the role of "pastor" in the image system; ministering for mission in the place of each of the other four (a different host every week perhaps?) A variation on the theme of a five-tier system; the cycle (as if the waves) crashes or breaks as it comes in - reaching a crisis/contradiction in the dialectic and one of compromise, resulting in the repeating of the five-cycle whole, which sound doctrine will not survive; instead, only relationships hold firm through that contradiction or "dialectic shock" - for this is become the one purpose and one "Church" itself.

Without reference to any prior five tier system, the image is simply an optimisation for mission organised purely by men and women without the true God-given spiritual gifts for that mission - using only the devices of Satan in approving to the workers their adaptation for that mission: there is only a continuous building of relationship after relationship with doctrine always taking a back seat whilst Laodicean comfort replaces the conviction of the Spirit - and in a "Church" wherein there is a welcoming and lukewarm paradigm never opposed to true doctrine or to its compromise (as long as those relationships continue to be built with that agenda, the "Church" has no sound doctrine "for sale" and which remains uncompromised) - a compromise that never results in a blessing of pure doctrine or of pure Christian growth: (for 100% conversion is the only conversion) and this system is to become just another engine for an outreach of near globally or universally "standardised" pseudo-christian "self-help" social clubs with a few Christian pop or "buzz phrases" to light the way whilst prescribed and "templated" love for the sinner overtakes the sound fear of God and where a warm reception is offered which swiftly cools to lukewarm when the disillusioned cease any such contact.

Where then, is the "church" for those that fear God and leave? No provision is made in any five cycle to reach those that reject relationships for fear of God - so, then, where are the people of God truly to be found if not with them also? They are not even at the beach!

In the book "Seven Eyes Open", (4th Edition) the image system given "accumulates" the compromise(s) between the five "churches" in that system, whereas it may instead result in one "identity element" of the five cycle as each church has a "normal" service as to itself and then those four others of organised mission are instead completed "fourth seal" systems which are effectively placed under that five cycle. Then Satan's construction is effectively then completed, yet it remains null; there is no "truth" of God in it.

Yet one may ask, "Why would Satan desire Christian growth?"

The answer is that this is only in appearance a Christian system, it is instead the "synagogue of Satan" (the scarlet beast of Revelation). Every converted member of that system is without Christ; and in perpetuating that system they receive the beast's mark whilst instantiating the image. In order to maximise those seeking God as if finding Him easily (as any Laodicean) along with all those fleeing to (a) God in fear of a secular "mark" (one without any effect) Satan would maximise those in that "Church" with the genuine mark, as well as minimise those without it that have sound doctrine and that remain separate. To be removed from Christ and His Father's grace is effectively to be "beheaded", and in seeking God this is done "for the testimony of Jesus". This situation cannot remain in place for long.

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