Here are a few little gems that were used in the book without any qualification - they are assumed "common knowledge" - at least to anyone with a good grounding in maths. If you wondered why a particular formula was used in the book, where some "mysterious" numbers used originated - or how a formula was found, this is the section for you!"

That Induction Proof N(n,k)
Not strictly prophecy, but certainly a loose end; this page gives an induction proof for the formula N(n,k) in the first chapter of the book. It relates the degree of extension of a finite field to the number of its additive subgroups, and was not included in the book - so, here it is!

God Does Play Dice
The book makes a few assumptions, for one that there are a total of thirty octal groups in the same seven symbols. That is shown here, and it is mere coincidence concerning the "dice", there is no isomorphism between God and a such a gamble, but then odds are never 1-1 unless God is at work.

Three Kings From Ten
I had also stated throughout the book such combinatoric statements as "there are 120 ways to choose three kings from ten" as well as "there are 35 ways to choose three elements from seven" etc. How are these calculated? There is a ready formula, which at first seems nonsense unless you count in a "special way".

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