The book has a few constructions which to be brief, assumed some capacity for maths. In this section I will add explanations of how these were derived or arrived at: for some of them are a little difficult, at least conceptually, to realise. The maths used relies on these constructions, and so here I will add explanations for those that are harder to grasp.

The Heart Of The Woman
Perhaps the hardest construction to grasp in the book. The number of ways the spirit of antichrist can deny virtue in a crowd is 666. However, in a particular setting there are actually only 120 ways that a particular thesis/antithesis may be synthesised upon: given a coset in a reference octal to construct that synthesis. This number is "difficult" to derive but I will give a more in depth explanation in this page than was given in the book.

The Trinity As At The Beginning
I modelled the trinity in a fairly simplistic way, and ommitted the content of this page as I simply considered it obvious. Here, there is only a little extra to find but still,.. perhaps too great an intuitive leap for some.

The Fifth Trump - Murmurations As Of Locusts
Whilst no new mathematical content is given here, there is a "strange analogue" of the fifth trump with a five-tier system of "church" mission. Whilst the "false prophet" spirit does not offer a five-tier system, it instead repurposes five churches as if five members of one body (its sensuous or carnal senses to be frank about it). As one pastor or one church negotiates the five cycle, they "surf" a wave in the Spirit as if in a five-tier system of continual compromise - one which cannot be made visible without revealing the "locusts" which are masked with thick black smoke from the bottomless pit.

And? Then What? (660 and 6)
I had always been intrigued by the rendering in the Revelation's text of the infamous statement on the "number of the beast" as "Six hundred threescore and six" qualified by the term: "for it is the number of a man;" Most translations put the "a" in parentheses or simply state that in a footnote that the word is uncertain. If the number of a man as commonly held is truly "six", does that leave 666 or simply 660 as taken along with that "six"? In the Revelation itself, the image numbers 666 as does the human manifold - but the final "six" is somewhat separated from the numbering to 660. The word "and" in "six hundred threescore and six" is added for clarification in the KJV, so is the separation of terms between 660 and 6 too literal? Or, as the text itself states, should we leave the numbering to the one with understanding of it?

Giving Life To The Image
The false prophet - the collective spirit of antichrist leading the Church(es) - has power to give life to the image. What does that mean? The image is only a system of works after all. There is a subtlety in the Revelation text here, one not picked up on in the book "Seven Eyes Open" (Fourth Edition).

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