The Sign Of The Son Of Man

Diving in to the gospel of Mark:

Mar 13:24 But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light,
Mar 13:25 And the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken.
Mar 13:26 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.
Mar 13:27 And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the earth to the uttermost part of heaven. (KJV)

It is not obvious that Jesus is talking about metaphysics and not physical signs! Christ gave His revelation to John which is effectively a watchlist of the devil's devices to be discovered in His body. (This occurs at the end of the tribulation (the election of grace over the last two thousand years) when the election cannot continue in the "Churches".)

So, verse 24 corresponds to the "Sun losing its light" - becoming as a "mourning garment" with the loss of virtue and universal application of the dialectic method - in terms becoming as the "mountains" of false doctrines upon which the harlot Church sits.

"The moon not giving her light" corresponds to the traversing of the octal "sea" in that the left hand of the wormwood device constructed (as those mountains above) shares no subgroup with the left hand of the reference octal. The three groups [a,b,c], [a,d,e], [a,f,g] do not align to the references left hand subgroup of {c,e,g}, which is then to be found in the wormwood row in the "earthy" elements instead.

Transitioning from left hand to left hand (of left hand) no longer preserves the principle of "hail and fire mingled with blood" with the reference: the wormwood row shares no left hand with the reference, and there is no transformation by multiplication that may transform from wormwood row back to the reference. No such "light" is attainable.

Verse 25 states the stars of heaven (unity) shall fall, as in the reciprocal of 1/x falling away from the unity by "difference" or separation. In real terms this corresponds to a faked seven cycle placed over the wormwood rows to form the mountains of the devils device in said "mourning garment" as above. There is no physical "blackening" of the actual Sun, but the sign of Christ's coming is to dismiss His "church" as corrrupted. The stars "fall" in that there is no solution for wormwood in truth, but the rows are mapped to one another as if the unity were to "float" between those seven rows. This is unattainable. In that manner the heaven (unity) is seen to "fall" in inverse to the circuit of the rows, for to map unity from row "a" to row "b" requires the applicaton of the inverse of the cycle that maps from "a=1" to "b=1", i.e. the element 1/b.

The "powers of the heavens are shaken" in that the heaven (unity) is found in the three subgroups of the octal [a,b,c], [a,d,e], [a,f,g]. These "powers" are mapped to and from wormwood rows by an illegal transposition assumed native to GF(4) when in fact it is falsely applied in GF(8) - the map of Frobenius supplies no such panacea for deception. The map (transposition) sending b<=>c, d<=>e or f<=>g preserves these three groups and maps to and from the wormwood row in which they are found (as with a=1 here).

Then Jesus moves on to describe His coming "in the clouds" (the mysteries of the revelation then not yet given to John) with great power and glory... not for a second coming to encourage the "Church" but to judge all nations instead (great power) from the BEMA seat (great glory).

To see the coming of the Son of man is to watch for the devils devices in His body, for those are the content of Revelation's instruction to His least to "watch". Satan, has been an alarm clock set for our own salvation.

Finally Jesus states His angels (ministers) search out His people and gather them into one body. This corresponds to the "sea of glass" formed before the wrath is applied, and these souls are the sealed. The four winds correspond to the four pairs of seven cycles that extend over the four choices of static triple in "the earth" and He subsequently states "to the uttermost part of heaven", which corresponds to the fulfilment of the angel's circuit numbering 42. That number represents the very last grain of salvation offered in the Spirit as the church is judged as completely corrupted and no one in it may work for the gospel or find the true gospel in it without practicing institutionalised blasphemy (within the false prophet's image system, or in a church legally equal to it). The covenant God placed with the sign of His bow in the clouds (as to Noah) is enough to state that when this cycle is no longer applicable for salvation in the Spirit over the seven churches of Revelation, God will certainly and swiftly return and judge.

The movement is then from "earth" to "heaven". That is to say, from being trapped in the dialectic "three cycle" or a "five cycle" in the churches to rest as the unity (heaven). These would together form the "thousands of thousands" and "ten thousand times ten thousand" mentioned in the Revelation itself.

And Christ will certainly minister to His elect throughout all the above as is promised in the Revelation.

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