Like Unto An Emerald

The appropriate verse is:

Rev 4:3 And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald. (KJV)

Now, an emerald (commonly), is a green or often blue/green gemstone - it makes sense that by also using the colour scheme of the "green things" in Revelation that are new or uncertain (as in "pale" after the fourth horse of the fourth seal), there should be a like correlation.

The rainbow circuit is an eighth C7 group that delivers the believer from one church in the seven spirits of God to another. The end of the age occurs when there is no safe spiritual refuge to find in that rainbow circuit and it must needs be upheld by the least in the kingdom of God to ensure it remains intact in the spirit, rather than in the worldly Church(es) prophecised to have gone all the way bad.

The circuit of the least, then, is always intact (or else there is brought final judgement) so that for any "green thing" that discerns God is found elsewhere is yet a thing already bought and paid for by Christ; ransomed back from death by the resurrection of our Lord.

Likewise, as the circuit of the least is a testing and completion of God's kingdom: it is an uncertain thing and although it is sure and true a-priori, it is "uncertain" to the casual observer and must needs be described as similarly "green" as equal to the world's paradigm of the day.

I admit, this seems a little tenuous but there are other linkages that are at first coincidence but are actually good indicators. For instance, the description of the stones "jasper and sardine" are also relevant as the first and last stones present on a priestly ephod (as has been commented by James Lloyd of CMN) and these represent the richness of the tribes of Israel, of the first and the last: a God that is always "bought and paid for" and has chosen a people for those seven "churches" to serve Him.

The rainbow is a spiritual certainty and the circuit no trouble for the least in Christ: whilst it may appear uncertain (like unto an emerald), it is already bought and paid for and moves in the inheritance of Israel; which is our God Jesus Christ - whose seven Spirits the seven lamps of fire about the throne indeed are, and that will always remain so. (The first and the last.)

It is no surprise that the seven churches are listed in circuit with the first and last churches of Ephesus and Laodicea listed as the place where (which) the angel is "of" but the remaining five where the angel is "in" instead.

Why? another tenuous link only found in the KJV's english for sure (not found in the source and in the greek), but I would ascertain that Christ has convicted and Christ has finally (or initially and also of the Church in Ephesus in fact, convicting with a final end overcoming that of Laodicea), chosen: and that is the first and last word on the matter.

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