Only the Least Prevails

So, why couldn't Jesus do this simple work of a circuit for Himself? Only because the new covenant requires Him to intercede for all His own! (And He has no need to intercede for Himself, being blameless still, and whilst not above accusation (as the least can fulfil all grace to justify the sovereignty of his God only after he is sent and completes his circuit), has all justification to judge afterward instead. With the seven thunders of Revelation, Christ elects all those He chooses and writes them into His book of life from the judgement seat. As heaven has moved (as thunder) to preserve His choices as within the election of grace (under the intercession already made); as all that are saved are so revealed, all of this occurs whilst (in the interim) the seven seals on His book of life (the first four are the "restrainer") are opened sequentially in this current system of things (aeon).

God does not pick corn on the sabbath. (Would that even be as "work" to the omnipotent? If His disciples eat of it freely, it may as well have picked itself effortlessly.)

Then there is, in truth, a line of reasoning (for x in some circumstance) from which follows:

N¬(Pos("x "sins" as only by charity") & ¬Pos("x "sins" only under accusation")).

Christ cannot even merely appear to sin in front of two witnesses as the law is fulfilled in establishing sin thereby (and Christ fulfilled all of the law). Christ, would be found genuinely guilty under the law but that least as so posited is found not guilty under grace with an intercessor in Christ. (Though two witnesses were found for His trial, they could not in their testimony agree.)

That least then requires intercession until his circuit is fulfilled and then he is finally shown or proven principal overall. God will show the same patience over Him as to any elect.

As is the case with the least in his circuit or as by Christ omnipotent, in modal collapse only the one may justify the other (one is the angel of the other and Christ's servant); no other pair in the kingdom comes even close, as they together logically defeat that captivity to sin, as the least is the least by principle (as the zero and unity, a "null ring" and, as it happens, the supposed identity of an algebraically closed finite field with 1=0, also a null ring, though I cannot derive it: though it, as an ultrafilter, indexes the set of everything the Lord may create).

Then after this manner there is justification found for all grace completed (against all sin) and no need for a "second second coming" to follow the freeing of all Satan's captives found caught in blasphemy. Christ has no need to die twice; there is grace for every sin after the least's circuit, unless one is finally and unendingly caught in that same blasphemy in death. Christ judges before any soul is caught in the "second death" and there are no damned elect, Christ has not lost a single one of His own to that hell (except for Judas Iscarriot, who Christ also chose as one of the twelve).

So, as to this "conjectured heresy" in which I persist, this act of the least would settle any controversy over God's sovereignty against the devil, it would free all remaining captives caught in blasphemy and perpetual sin, it would enable the second coming and the justification of the reign "of God omnipotent" (see the book) as well as fulfil all the scripture concerning the angel or "right hand of God" found in the Revelation, as well as finally damning (quite justly) those agents of Satan trapped that merely choose to remain so. And all for an apparently honest signature on a document that overall, accomplishes nothing against God and His grace in any sense at all, but only completes it (all grace) as eventually equivalent to only the one contract (as once defeated overall) which may then be finally dissolved without sin, and all others as made to any chain ending in Satan with it.

I carefully note that a church incorporated is not so similarly dissolved without sin, not unless its members repent and leave those devices of Satan behind!

Now, would God not send the least in His kingdom to do such a work? It is "no skin off His nose" (the least remains holy) and I would expect any angel of God to leap at that most excellent opportunity for service! After all, where is the fault found but with Satan alone? I would expect any candidate "right hand of God" to not only so volunteer, but to be thankful for such a work, for many would truly benefit from it! (Expect the very least to be the victor, the one angel able or required for carrying all that logic of the least overall.)

Then in the least being that one most unjustly "caused to sin", Satan would attempt to force the right hand of Christ to be "cut off" (Cf. Mat 5:30). Then to justify all those "sold under Satan" may become a dreadful work to fulfil, even with the least in Christ then quite plausibly becoming a wretched victim of that fact; the letters appear to indicate that even his death occurring in the interim is no escape. Yet even if the least is not himself sent, he yet could be so sent in all possibility and I also cry with shoutings "Grace, grace unto it". (The headstone - Zec 4:7 as below- would itself be the very limit of grace already justified by Christ, without including the top of the least's "pillar" in the temple of God.)

Then Christ certainly brings grace, but it is technically incomplete, without any justification for forgiving blasphemy of the Holy Spirit even though it may genuinely be repented of afterward (even by those elect casting out a genuinely repentant contractee as a tool of Satan). That grace (levelling) is extended to the very end of the "land", kingdom or gospel on which the temple was to be built. The "headstone" is then the limit of the (grace in the) kingdom or temple built by Christ. That completed grace to all is already present and all are delivered, so the work of the least is already assumed effective. The least as prophecised must then be sent, as God's sovereignty is under question.

Zec 4:7 Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain: and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, Grace, grace unto it.
Zec 4:8 Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
Zec 4:9 The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it; and thou shalt know that the LORD of hosts hath sent me unto you.
Zec 4:10 For who hath despised the day of small things? for they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven; they are the eyes of the LORD, which run to and fro through the whole earth. (KJV)

Then those seven are the eyes on the lamb and the eighth "element" is certainly Christ's right hand. (This is the pillar formed, a cyclic group C8.) In stating that Christ laid His true foundation with the gospel, His right hand then completes the temple with a pillar to effectively stretch upward forever! (To the roof, if you like, the ceiling of "all truth".) Then grace will last forever in the temple of the Holy Spirit. Christ, writes His new name and that new name of His God upon the least.

Then it is crucial to note that Christ laid the foundation of the temple wherein all believers are as "lively stones", leaving the remainder of the work as then requiring future fulfilment! (Zec 4:9) It is the right hand of God (Christ's hand) that will do the final work to complete and finish it, as crowning (closing) all with the union of the Spirit (the left hand) and the bride, his crown, the "marriage of the lamb" (see the book).

I note those seven eyes on the lamb are the very same "they" that do rejoice (the Holy Spirit attaining the new name), and also the "they" that do see the plummet which is "made with themselves" together with the right hand of God (forming C8), and also that these seven eyes are the same "they" that run "to and fro": (The work is already counted for as completed in the gospel "a-priori" to all those that "dwell on the earth" or practise the dialectic or sin without intercession, and the gospel message (as being delivered by the Holy Spirit then "running to and fro") to that same effect is already a work certain in the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit gifted already to those in need of that grace). This, is carried as truth to all those requiring that same grace (at every time) as if it had already legally and genuinely followed - made upon the promise that the work is as complete now as when the least overcomes Satan later (the "day of small things" - and it is an "eighth" day, though it is not one made of a composite of the other seven in the week). The sabbath work of Christ promised in the gospel is, on its own, found insufficent in the face of the adversary's accusation unless it be separately and completely justified. However, it is our God that rejoices as the ensured work of the least is the completion of His own gospel whole, albeit it is only a small thing, and it is not its ending.

It is after this manner that I posited the least to be as such: in the book I stated it was "a solution" (one not found in the scripture and also one that is not necessarily unique) and that it most certainly appears to be a perfect fit. There is no other sequence in the Revelation for the least to "watch", so all the devices listed of the devil are to be found present "in the churches" (Cf. Rev 22:16) and in the text these are given to the least to watch for and the promise(s) of that open door of Christ are kept in its pages. If the deceptions of Satan are known and the devil clearly outed, then overcome, then the least has fulfilled the task set him of Christ and has thereby overcome the world, the devil in it, and all his most subtle works. As once thereby deceived and also accused as such under the worst circumstances, (i.e. at their most subtle) the least enables all in Christ to overcome with the full promised grace of God due to all that same grace which he was without, and all are certainly assured by the least's own circuit itself, giving his two witnesses the "power" to minister.

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