This section concerns not only the central premise of the book - that the "angel of the church" is the very least in the kingdom of God, but also touches on how that one angel can be sent and continue without sin and also, not causing Christ to sin by electing him, whilst doing so under the very worst circumstances.

That stated, the least is also revealed to be the right hand of God and Christ's work saving him completes the election of grace. These all follow from the Revelation when it is taken literally: but is there any other justification for a man (the angel - the least) remaining sinless? There is required no extra doctrine to the gospel and Christ need not die twice. It remains that God must simply exercise His sovereignty to justify it: and He simply shows His right hand is without sin in all this despite possibly appearing to be as any common sinner.

That is the heresy; that a man may appear to sin whilst remaining Holy. I make some attempt at justifying that: for without the intercession of Christ the letter to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans applies and the least is "a wretch", and "pitiful, poor, blind and naked."

An Apology For Heresy
First off, read this page. There is no deliberate lie made in my book, though I take the interpretation of the Revelation about as far as any could go metaphysically, and then on a little further as regards any need for an "angel of the church". In truth, there is a real need for such a one, but not to serve any of us! Rather, he serves Christ and Him alone, as a mechanism to justify the second coming. So, I offer my apologies for the extra-biblical content; as far as that apology may, itself go!

Taken Too Literally?
If the letters to the seven churches are truly for the addressee, the "angel of the church", it must be answered "Why does the church need an angel?". The book answers this in chapter 16. It is God that needs the angel and not the church. That stated, it is not the case that grace is at all insufficient, but that it must be justified completed instead. With this, God reasserts His sovereignty over His own creation and justifies His judgement. The least effectively brings the second coming fully justified.

Heresy And That Which Is Not
There is a sure difference between fact reasoned from the scriptures and that other "heresy" that, should it be shown so, fulfils the scripture perfectly. The first is biblical and the latter is not. I would not claim that any extra-biblical text in agreement with the scripture is deserving of a place in the canon. That is surely false. However, if it be shown correct by scripture - that scripture showing it true as evidence for that content (and also correct on its own merit) then I believe it has a place, preferably in the book on someones shelf and not one in the bin and gutter.

Work Yet Undone
Is there a loophole in the gospel? I state not but there appears to be. The problem arises only under the accusation of Satan concerning the contractual blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Any oath taken to corrupt the church and pervert the works of God permits an accusation against the Holy Spirit so that any fruit of repentance shown cannot be found of God. It is the case that such an oathtaker is himself the ongoing cause of any and all such blasphemy even if he is also elect; for Satan blasphemes to accuse him as if he were his property. The result? Does Christ's right hand cause Him to sin? Only if the oathtaker has agreed to likewise take up that station to blaspheme the Holy Spirit against his own salvation showing the Holy Ghost also.

The Present Grace Is Not Incomplete But In Part Unjustified
I briefly state why the grace of the gospel is already (and now) completely intact even whilst some of it is not logically justified until the least is sent to fulfil its justification. Christ, mediated for grace which was not granted through the fulfillment of the law by His spotless offerring: He provided further grace that went beyond the forgiveness fouund of fulfilling the law's own method of propitiation. It should be noted that this old testament propitiation is, or was, provided to only the citizen's of Israel and it could not justify the "non-elect" of the time (the gentiles), today we would happily state there are no certain exclusions from election if all can be saved as God desires. Yet, is this correct if any soul is permanently excluded from any hope of election?

A Trick Of The Light
The heresy that the least appears to sin whilst being sinless before God requires addressing. Here, I set the logic in place (and later the supporting scripture); I show that the least sins only under the accusations of Satan (as if over his own property) and there is truly room in the scriptures for this possibility. The least does not climb up some other way.

Not Sold Under Sin
Paul wrote in Romans 7 of a law in his members warring against another law - the law of God. That law is "spiritual" and is not ever meant to be broken. Paul also finds another "law", one that relates the two together and condemns him as a sinner - a "wretched man" - whilst also being the law that would exhonerate the least as holy under the accusations of Satan.

Only the Least Prevails
Finally, only the least in the kingdom is able to carry this logic, to entail the result then found as gospel over all the elect. It is not the case that any other may be claimed principal; (Unless all do likewise, as in conjunct.) There is no chance of Jesus also commiting that same "sin" as elect, so there is none other that may fulfil the work required to carry the logic as shown over all or in every case: even to the right hand himself.

Lively Stones
There is a duality between believers and positive properties. It is positive to save a believer, but why? The Bible tells us that faith without works is dead. Believers themselves must have a positive effect, else they cannot show the validity of their faith unless they show good works. (For that much is true and scriptural.) Then I expect that by an act of charity (virtue) not only made of God but of the love of the believer for others is a consequence (every bit as much as a requirement) of salvation. Believers have their gifts and their uses and it is often said "God has a plan for you!" (Indeed He does!)

The Last Positive Property
Given the circuit of the least is proof positive that the least is principal, there is actually one positive property remaining; that Satan should devour him - for if the least eshews the dragon and all evil and Satan must destroy him, then he must needs be delivered. That, is a positive thing and a good thing for God to exercise in the case of the least: just as all have prayed for in earnest "deliver us from evil / the evil one".

Nothing New Under The Sun
The page title may seem a little misleading; but the Sun octal, a reference throughout the Revelation is truthfully the old name of God; and the new creature (including the least) that is born again is certainly new. How, then, does God bring in that new name by the work of the least justifying all grace?

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