This section lists a few proofs and arguments that should have made their way into the book proper but fell by the wayside. (Being not part of the Revelation itself or related to it closely enough.) Rather than include them in other areas of the site, it makes more sense to place these closely related pages in the errata section simply because it is a pity they did not make it further.

The following pages contain material that should have made it into the book but just not quite made it that far. It is a failure to omit them, hence they are found in this "errata" section of the site. The pages themselves contain arguments that are so closely related to the Revelation they cannot be omitted but fall by the wayside as they are not strictly related to the content of Revelation, but are (of a nature) arrived at in a broader sense, for example in arguing the non-existence of God.

The Godlike And The Necessary
Chapter sixteen's section "Time No Longer II" makes the assertion that through modal collapse, the least in the kingdom of heaven appears to share the same necessary existence as God. Godel's argument with its definition of "God-like", as being the essence of every perfected set of positive properties (completed with necessary existence to exemplify them) has a surprising result. The least is not only necessary but fulfils the criteria for that essence of "God-likeness".

Not The Creator
A second closure of predicates that God may exemplify has some strange side effects, but only concerning the imperfect creation that we would consider ourselves to be. We as a species are without the understanding of God to declare Him inconsistent. Instead, God, has no need to justify himself before anyone else, only to receive worship without distinction of persons.

Arguing Sovereignty
There is another argument in the arsenal of the adversary concerning the section "The Morning Star" [16.12.7] wherein Satan may claim sovereignty is a non-issue if the kingdom itself is interrupted by him claiming ownership of the essence. In fact, it is the very reason for "l" to be put to the test. l, must then be an essence as well as entail that sovereignty. Indeed, it does just that! God is shown to have acted with sovereignty all along and the devil's bag is actually empty.

One Shall Be Taken
The 2000 year (or so) duration of "Great Tribulation" that most would understand as the "Christian age" seems to fall flat on its face with the Olivet discourse of Matthew 24. It is true that there is a yet "greater tribulation" at the end of the age and this must be accounted for. In fact, there is no disparity, as the apparent "taking away" (of those that do not survive in Christ) is indeed the case, and we see the end of the age completes in a fashion properly to be expected, without a great cataclysm of a flood, but with Christ's assurance that the odds of survival are 50-50. Christ, comes as a thief in the night.

Sign Of The Son Of Man
Christ's enigmatic statement in Matthew 24:29 "Immediately after the tribulation of those days..." is immediately followed by "And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven..." Is the first not the second? Apparently not. We are actually not given the sign of "the Son of Man". Instead, Christ gives a very brief summary of the Revelation instead of a description of that sign.

Broken Fellowships
The section "Satan's Last Remaining Device - The Deadly Wound Is Open" in chapter 14 of the third edition puts forth the recommendation that the only way to halt the dialectic process in your fellowship is for the individual(s) to leave that fellowship altogether. I attest that any collective ready to approve themselves by a vote are deceived into believing there is an equivalence between their religion (their fellowship) and their collective present to vote and incorporate (government will not side with a fellowship if it wishes to dissolve that collective or corporation): that collective has the incorporated status in law that binds that fellowship to maintain that same collective. In this manner the "mark of the beast" is engraved in stone for the "fellowship" but not the believer who is merely "scratched" and whose "wounding" will heal if they stop attending that "Church". A genuine relationship with Jesus Christ on His own terms will trump every accusation of Satan; that mark may be wholly repented of.

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