The Empty Essence Lemma

So, given Gödel's definition of an essence we begin with:

φ ess x <=> φ(x)∧(∀ψ(φ(x)=>N(∀ψ(φ(y)=>ψ(y)))))

This looks complex and indecipherable, but consider the disjunction (l∨Ω0) which is also valid.

Now, I have removed every essence of the divine in the disjunction but for the essence of the believer (the zero in the octal). The empty middle of the disjunction is confused for the empty essence lemma's conclusion, that nothing but the empty set need be derived from the set of all positive properties, or that existence is not a valid positive predicate, positive properties being completely closed without it and the one side is empty without any essence. Then, it is claimed Anselm was wrong.

But is the liberty "l" to choose whether God is existent or not (as shown here) present in the believer (as zero) rather than any proof of the existence of God? "l", unless there be no liberty (forcing omnipotence in the case of the least alone) will entail nothing else (being principal and "God-like"), and certainly nothing else positive from the set Ω0.

The elements of the octal are shown valid essences with the presence of God's right hand. God already has such a "name".

Liberty remains for the candidate believer to choose for himself whether God is existent or not, and upon receiving the Holy Spirit there can be no such result other than becoming "born again" - accepted by a God whose Spirit is always present and cannot be deleted from its presence in any disjunction (by morphism to null) unless the faith in God once again becomes similarly "naive" as just the "zero". God, reveals Himself to His children who are children indeed.

Zero, is then the sum of every other element in the octal combined and faith is maintained whilst satisfying the self-difference property upon a predicate that is not to be found empty at all.

The believer rests in the state of the unity within GF(8), unless falling away to zero, but God as through the least is justified in granting all grace to His children.

I cannot apologise for the Christianity and "prophecy" present here, there is but one God alone: one that is a triune God.

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