What Is The Revelation?

The Revelation as interpreted in the book "Seven Eyes Open" may be summed up in a manner that many would dismiss.

  • The Revelation concerns Jesus' divine right to be God equal to His Father.
  • Jesus' dominion is justified by the least in the kingdom of God (the "angel of the church") overcoming Satan at his very worst.
  • The seven letters instruct the least to "watch" for the devil's devices in the churches he attends in circuit.
  • Those devices are laid out and detailed in the sequences of the seals as if they were rising up from the Earth in deception and as from the sea in the trumpets as in their ungodly use in worldly government.
  • The least must attain to good doctrine and survive separate to the "Church" corrupted by the devils devices.
  • Once the least overcomes, the two witnesses are empowered to minister to all others to also become separate.
  • The least must testify of these devices (the "word of Christ's patience" cf. Rev 3:10) as he found in the "Church": cf Rev 22:6 and Rev 22:16 (The angel testifies to the apostle John as well as to all at the end of the age, he being the same "angel of the church".)
  • The devil is defeated (yet again) despite being given every chance God can permit him to ensure he fails totally.
  • With the completion of the sealing of the saints the wrath of God arrives and there is an end to all blasphemy of the Holy Ghost with restraint imposed on all, both willing and unwilling.
  • Jesus immediately arrives for the final judgement with the resurrection of the just and unjust once this restraint and the wrath is completed.
  • Christ creates a new heaven and a new Earth for all believers and rejects those that did not heed the gospel to be bereft of divine grace forever.

And the revelation shows all this in metaphysics and abstract algebra. John was completely inspired.

So, then, the Revelation is split into several parts. First there are the letters to the seven churches through which the angel circuits. Jesus instructs His least to watch for the devil's devices in the "Church", as he overcomes each of the seven in turn and is not trapped in that system as reliant on false doctrine (as of Nicolaitanes) or of comfort (as Laodicean). The least follows after Christ instead.

After the letters come the seals and trumpets (opposing the Spirit of God forever enthroned in the heavens) which are the devices which the angel should watch out for in the churches he circuits.

After the angel is removed victorious with the defeat of all the dragon's devices there is to be "time no longer" by his own testimony as the two witnesses that also see the same devices (and the reason the least would exeunt the churches) and would leave the churches also - all the elect are thus separated by the command of Christ to "Come out of her my people...".

Once the sealed are separated, the "Church" undergoes the same wrath as all the unbelievers whilst the elect are continually sealed and preserved. The "Church" as the scarlet beast burns out of virtue practicing only its mark in agreement with the "synagogue of Satan" - the group operating in the office of false prophet.

With the wrath of God the paradigm of all is brought under restraint; the time of trial concludes with armageddon as all variance is gathered together in opposition to God and Christ returns to judge mankind - a rendezvous He will certainly keep.

After the judgement the elect are found inheriting eternal life in the New Jerusalem, whilst the ungodly inherit a renewed Earth and have their last chances re-echoed to a single "generation" that inherits the current corruption of the universe and the freedom of their own paradigm without further influence of their creator.

And God inherits His new name justified and untouched - a certainty of Christ to be "glorified again".

So, Christ's revelation showed Him the certainty of His own Godhead - that Christ would know His Father's word - even by process of elimination. Satan can never declare the Father's Christ has "come in the flesh" (the person of Christ existed for real) and there is certainty for Christ in that His Father has all authority and the enemy only lies. The Father had assured Jesus of His inheritance as finally delivered (completed in all grace) by His angel, the right hand of God the Father; the least of His servants requiring the greatest of His victories.

1Co 15:28 And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all. (KJV)

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