What Is The Revelation?

The Revelation as interpreted in the book "Seven Eyes Open" may be summed up in a manner that many would dismiss.

  • The Revelation concerns Jesus' divine right to be God equal to His Father.
  • Jesus' dominion is justified by the least in the kingdom of God (the "angel of the church") overcoming Satan at his very worst.
  • The seven letters instruct the least to "watch" for the devil's devices in the churches he attends in circuit.
  • Those devices are laid out and detailed in the sequences of the seals as if they were rising up from the Earth in deception and as from the sea in the trumpets as in their ungodly use in worldly government.
  • The least must attain to good doctrine and survive separate to the "Church" corrupted by the devils devices.
  • Once the least overcomes, the two witnesses are empowered to minister to all others to also become separate.
  • The least must testify of these devices (the "word of Christ's patience" cf. Rev 3:10) as he found in the "Church": cf Rev 22:6 and Rev 22:16 (The angel testifies to the apostle John as well as to all at the end of the age, he being the same "angel of the church".)
  • The devil is defeated (yet again) despite being given every chance God can permit him to ensure he fails totally.
  • With the completion of the sealing of the saints the wrath of God arrives and there is an end to all blasphemy of the Holy Ghost with restraint imposed on all, both willing and unwilling.
  • Jesus immediately arrives for the final judgement with the resurrection of the just and unjust once this restraint and the wrath is completed.
  • Christ creates a new heaven and a new Earth for all believers and rejects those that did not heed the gospel to be bereft of divine grace forever.

And the revelation shows all this in metaphysics and abstract algebra. John was completely inspired.

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