Not Just A Matter Of Timing

The error in the rapture doctrine is that the supposed "mark of the beast" cannot be repented of, and so thus invalidates the elective power of grace by stating Christ cannot forgive any fault under His own law.

Then, pre, and mid-trib views are then immediately invalidated as bogus, as there can be no unforgivable mark of the beast.

Now, the post-trib view yet requires the seven year or 42 month long tribulation period and also the presence of a "mark" and a necessary second dispensation, (whether it is believed to be provided or not) and this, even for a lack of another provision or dispensation, still denies the cross of Christ, so there is very little truth remaining in the post-trib view. The gospel is simply not compatible with the concept of an unforgivable fault under grace aside from total unbelief or blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

Stating it (rapture on the last day) is just a matter of timing does not claim truth in it at all. On the last day, Christ will divide all into two groups, His sheep to His right and the goats to His left. Christ will separate left from right, one will be taken, the other will be left. Christ states that those that are taken are "taken away" as by a flood (as in the days of Noah), and that where the carcase is, there the eagles (vultures) will be gathered.

What does He truly mean by "taken"? He (Jesus) will blot out those unfaithful names from the book of life and those that remain will be preserved in Him. The ratio is not 50/50 but the separation is instead to left/right and then into approval (life or the book of life to His right) or not (to be blotted out and have no place found in that life, i.e. to be "dead", and for the dead to be likewise gathered together).

Now, the "clouds of heaven" are mysteries of the gospel in allegory. Can we expect the provided Revelation of Jesus Christ, the primary "mystery text" of the New Testament (other than the four gospels themselves) to be the prophecy that answers the prophetic utterance of Christ given as the footer verse on every page of this site?

1Th 4:14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.
1Th 4:15 For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.
1Th 4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
1Th 4:17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
1Th 4:18 Wherefore comfort one another with these words. (KJV)

Now, as the Lord descends from Heaven, He brings with Him the inheritance of the saints, present in Revelation as the descending of the city of New Jerusalem that is itself the Godhead in allegory; that shout uttered being not the final trump of the seven of Revelation but the great voice (judgment), as of when the armies of heaven have already arrived as following the "Word of God" (the archangel?).

The dead are judged first: is this the first event afterward or the first event as already described, the "great shout" as soon as the dead are so judged? The trump of God would be sounded at His own coming and His own entry into this, His own creation. The dead as then raised is truly an event which must precede that judgment, so no wonder that same resurrection "comes first" before judgment.

Then, those under grace are "caught up together" in the clouds (mysteries) with them, to meet the Lord in the air. In this, the verse declares we are just as saved (by the gospel and their mysteries) as they are, the first to be so. We will meet (be united) with them with God in the spirit. We shall dwell as one redeemed body in Christ forever.

So then,

The reward of all saints (Christ) must arrive from heaven first to judge (a huge voice or "shout"): the dead are raised as a prerequisite to that.

The New Jerusalem is the reward for all the saints as raised from the dead. Unity floats in the sets in the seven cycle (as the seven cycle's inverse then "descending" from heaven or the unity). This indicates the "dead" form the seven churches in the spirit, and the reward (election in the New Jerusalem) that is purely of Christ walking the seven cycle as He "descends" inverse to the churches (which form a G-set) inducing the unity to float so that each church becomes as unity in the subgroup's coset.

The static triple is judged unworthy whilst the unity is accepted, and so we are to ever be with the Lord, sealed within the Holy Spirit.

The "voice of the archangel" would be the "judgment" of the angel, in that once the least's circuit is complete and the shout that there be "time no longer" is made, the judgment is set by seven thunders - the voice of the archangel's judgment itself: there is no longer any remaining devices of Satan permitted to roll out, there is a final time of trial and then the judgment occurs when Christ returns as above.

Verse 4:17 does not describe a "rapture" so much as that there are (or will be) mysteries as yet then unstated (clouds) that would of a certainty gather us together in one gospel to be as that one body in the Spirit. And this predicts the delivery of the book of Christ's own Revelation to John.

How, then, did this same language of the Revelation precede John's own? It was a prophecy to be sure, and indicates there would be further inspired mysteries, the Revelation for certain. Could this be a prophecy from John Himself? Perhaps, but there is little evidence for that, besides the Revelation's language being so similar: yet that would identify the Revelation as genuinely that prophecised mystery itself.

Thessalonians states this prophecy is by the "word of the lord". Either from scripture or from Christ Himself. I cannot judge it not to be the latter, else Christ is not then the author of scripture; it would remain only a clever invention and not ultimately of "the Revelation of Jesus Christ" sourced from God.

There are matters of timing and of sequence as shown here that are mysteries, but it must be realised that God has already provided and there are no further dispensations. Christians, have everything they need to be fully saved and sealed as such already.

Then this is pretty standard stuff, but has a direct interpretation as shown in the book's study.

The "Shout" is actually the seven thunders uttered as the K4 form cycles the seven cycle of the octal (or rather the book of life) once the seals are opened in sequence (the dead saved / raised first). All judgement (intercession) is not done but determined from the judgement seat, as Christ chooses those His Father has given Him in the book of life itself. (Those being the same ones Christ already chose to intercede for, this is the release of the restrainer, which in this book is still a mystery!)

In other words, as the restrainer is loosed and the saved accepted at the judgement, grace is provided as their names are only entered into the book of life at Christ's judgement, they are already revealed within the age beginning with the cross and resurrection.

The archangel's voice becomes one of total victory, either the least's utterance of "time no longer" or of Michael's victory over Satan as ejecting him from the heavenlies.

Then the Lord's judgment "descends" through the churches (the names in the book of life, and that only after the cry of the least or the victory of Michael) after which the judgment occurs. However, in that same descent of the K4 form from heaven, the dead are saved first as the book is opened. The Lord is, in judgement, electing His saved from outside of time itself.

Verse 4:18 indicates that there is no interruption to the gospel, all the faithful being united in the one and same spirit and gospel, as well as there being no loss of a remnant at any time: the good news continues all the way through until the judgement, and then beyond for the elect only.

With the circuit of the least, Christ comes with the "trump of God". He enters and judges and all grace is intact until after that judgement, when the ungodly are denied it forever.

All revealed in the Revelation, but much more to the point is that there truly is a Revelation.

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