Who Is This "Mark" Anyway?

Ok, so there is no guy named "Mark" causing all the worlds troubles who is the source of all that is wrong with government.

In chapter 15 of the book I argue no mark of the beast can never be repented of. That stated, as the sure grace of Christ continues right up to the judgement with no interruption due from Satan, I must obviously state that the world is full of every conspiracy theory imaginable about some "mark of the beast". There are many. Why?

There is no "microchip" or otherwise that can undo the work of Christ, only a lack of faith and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit are unforgivable in death, and the faith of the Christian is perverted by Satan's false prophet rather than opposed directly. Satan's effort is to cause the believer to blaspheme God (the latter option of the two) and eradicate all proper faith worldwide.

As there is no "mark" that can not be repented of, the "best" beast for Satan to instantiate his mark by is the Church itself. That way, every fearful freeloader running to the Church for protection is, likewise, damned for a complete lack of discernment. Christ, has called His own out of that scarlet beast system some 2000 years previously.

The mark, then, is, or must be, to blaspheme the Holy Spirit by attending a corrupted Church, all the while agreeing with the paradigm of the "Son of perdition" or of the serpent devil itself.

Then I would expect this corruption to be Satan's most subtle work. (For it is.)

Satan, has attempted to put the believer in a vise. Caught between obedience and the denying of Christ, they are forced (pressured) into taking the mark and setting up the image. This is not physical pressure but spiritual: the only force Satan can apply to the believer that can cause blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

By giving the fellowship, say, no option between implementing a system of works and instead denying their fellowships (churches) are Godly institutions (for lack of converts), or equally not to be defined as adequate "Churches", leaving them with that choice of unrighteousness of inaction in the Great commission or, instead, to take up a process of unrighteousness in the dialectic to repurpose for that mission, said pressure (force) is applied to dialogue to consensus for organising mission.

Without new converts, Satan forces the image system on the basis a church fellowship will define itself out of existence by stating they fail in not making new converts, and are not "fit for purpose".

After that manner, the image is forced logically and the presence of the Holy Spirit is exchanged for wormwood and the third woe upon it.

So, heading into a "Church" to escape the "mark of the beast" without the paradigm of Christ and thereby falling, trapped, to the "cage of every unclean and hateful bird" is to be marked by Satan for real. That mark can be repented of if that "Church" is left behind completely, the believer safe: separated and nourished by God in the wilderness of the Spirit instead.

To sum up, every worldly or "popular" mark may truly be repented of, but they all have one thing in common: they force the fearful into the Church where the only effective mark is found.

It is no joke that a man with a credit card has a mark, but why put your faith on it?

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